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Howard On Mormonism

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A recent issue of the Daily Amona Journal, published at Prescott, has been receivctl, and in it is a long account of a lecture delivered by Ohief Justlce Suraner Howard, of Michigan, upon "Morinonism." The review closes as follows: Blood atonement and polygamy, two of tlie leading features of the Mormoii clui rch, would nevor be cradicated by lepislutlve enucttnent, and nothinj; luit stronjjest coercive nieasurcs would ever leach Urans, He charged the Mormon church with murder and treason, and in support of the tonner referred to the bones of American citizens coucealed In Balt Luke, and which lav bleacliiii on Ui e. plains, of people who were murdcred by the Avengn; Angels, the Danites, and the Nauvoo legiĆ³n by direct order of Brigham Youug. That they were jfuilty of treason in their teachings, he ctted orders issued by Brightm Voung, which taught hatred to the government. His recital of the Mountain Meadow inassacre was most thrilliug in the extreme, and while many of the audience had read accounts of it inany of the details which he obtained as Uuited States District Attorncy, In prosecuting the principal actors In the affairs werenew, while he iiddod now interest to the entire story by the manner in whiuti hc narrated it. Il has seldoiu been our pleasure to lieten to a lecture more replete with iiifornmtion than thatof Thursday nighf. It m prepared with great care from Information oftloially obtained, and Ue dealt in no nindom statements or uufounded nssorThe lecture should be printcd in pamphlet form and apread broadcast over the Territory, that our citizens may know the charaoter of the people who are now using everv BMBI al their eoinniami to obtain polltioa] control of the Territory and estahlitth withiu ils boidmsa thuoracy opposed not ouly to moral doeaney, but oppos( (1 to Ihe very principies upou which the foundation of our {rovernmeiit raath


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