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A Cheat And A Fraud

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It is to be hoped that congress will not pass the bill now before it, pledging tlus government to redeem the trade üolliirs Tliis coin was not issued as United States, money. It wns issued at the requcst of Ameritan merchante engaged In tlie Kast India trade, merely asbullion bearing the guaran tee of tliis government that it coutained 212Jj grains of silver of a ccrtaii finencss. There never was a pledge o] redemption, and any man who took the dollar took it with the certain knowledge of its value. To redeem the trade dollar at tliis time would be an iniquitousjob. To have made it redeemablc at the time it was issued would have been honorable It was by an edict of the secietary of the treasury, John Sherman, that the trade dollar was debased, and that edict robbed the Innocent holders all over this nation of thousands of dollars. A numberof capitalists went to work immediately to buy up these trade dollars at 85 cents on the $1, and now it is their influence that is being exerted to secure their redemption at par. " The scbeme is only part and parcel of the incessant consplracy of the money brokers of the world to lleece the taxpayers of all nations. The entire history of these speculations on the value of government securlties and coin, Is a history of fiaud and deception. Let the holders of those trade dollars labor tovvard the free coinage of sllver, and their trade dollars will go to par or above par; bat to ask a redemption of the trade coin, and at the same time to demand a discoutlnuance of the coinage of itandard dollar., is what Ifae slang of the day calis "gall". VVhy were the trade dollars so called ? Bccause they were based on the nierchandise value of sllver, and not on any government pledge." Gbeat is the püy Umt in inimunse snow sliile could not engulf tliat modern Sodom, Salt Lnke City. Ia a letter to Attorney General Tagflirt, Judge Cooley says he's willin'.


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