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A Questionable Scheme

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Editor CouniER : - An article in llie Snniiiv lau of one of the Detroit dalllet nmki's a toaiewhat novel proposition re8pecti:ir the rcmoval of the hospitals of tbc medical departmeut of tlie university tn Detroit. Tlie scheme is to unite tlie Detroit medical college aud the medical department of tlie university in a sort oL " You tlckle me and l'll tickle you," coinbination. It is proposed that the Detroit college send its students to Ann Arbor for the preliminary studies, taking two years here and thcn have all the students uitend the Detroit college in their senior year, because of the improved clinieal udvantages the large hospitals of that city aic supposeii to lurnigll. The proposition tinds favor in the cyes of some of the professors it is Btated, hut liow any one, háfiag the best iotarwtBOl the university Ht lieart, can countt-nance it, is difficult to see. Tobe sure the at tendance of the 140 students of that college for two years at Ann Arbor is temptin; halt, but whether it would compénsate for the loss of the senior class and the honor of graduating the same, is a question. Anollier questlon presents itself. In what light would u medical college be viewed that educated its students in two or th ree different places? Would not that very fact be detriraental to its interests? 8till another suggestion. If the Detroit medical college took the Ann Arbor medical class to gradúate it, how long would itbe bt'fore that institution would quietly absorb the whole business '! It loukB like u skrewd scheme to klll off the medical department (.f the Uuiversity of Michigan, Mr. Editor, and ljuild up a colloge at Detroit. That's what it lookglike. Wlmt oeed exista of the much vaunted clinical advantages of Detroit ? Tlie liospital at Ann Arbor isalways full, and running over. More clinical material is ofl'ered than the present corps of instructor can possibly haiidle, (unless some pretty big falsehoods are told). If such is i fact, how much better off would the class be in Detroit ? This proposition is only one of inany that have constantly been biought forward to kill off the mtVSa] C0Ü6ge heie and build up one at Detroit. Look out for it, Mr. Editor. Keep your eye on the moveinent if you care anyhing about the University of Michigan lipilicül rlHnirtTtipnt_ From a írieiitl of


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