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Anu Arbor Post Ofllw. Ann Arbor Time. Office Hours : General 7:30 i. m u 8:00 p. m uody 9:60 to 10:00 . m. rioslng and Opening of nall. Mails Closi' - uoiNU IA8T. ..ockpoucb to Dclr il 7:16. m. Oetrolt A Urand RapWU K. I'. 0 10.S5 a. m. Detroit A ch;cio K. f. 0 5:00 p. m. K. P. 0 8.00 p. m. OOIKU Detroit, Jaekjon A Nile _ 8:00 a. m. Detroit dt Chicago K. r.ü 10:10 a. m. Detroit A Urand itapida 6:00 Detroit Chicago K. I', 0 8:00 p. m. UiilMI NOBTH. Sontb Ljon Toledo R. r. U :) a. m. ¦ tul Mi mu: 111. Loek Pouch to Toledo 7:t6a.m. South yon A Toledo R. P. O - :40 p. m. MAIIá DISTKIBUTED (EaclerD.) Detroit A Chicago R. P. O.. 9:45 n. m. Detroit mal) :S0 a m. Deuoit Chicago R. r 0 11:80 a. m. Detroit A Uinuu líiipnli.. B:So p. ui. (WwmJ Dutroit & Chicago k. I', o 7:Í5 a. m. Detroit A Uranü Uaplda ll.l'.'a.ui Detroit A Chicago'. U, 6:30 p. m. (Northern.) Bonth Lyon A Toledo R. P. 0 8:30 p.;m. (Southern.) Bonth Lyon A Toledo R. P. O ..._ 11:00, m. Lock poucu Irum Toledo 7:46 a. m. Anu Arbor A Wliitmorr Like malí closoí 9:80 a. m., aud ts distributed 6:30 p. m. J.C. K.iOWLTON, P. M. Dated, Dec. 1, lSSt. Kriends of The Courirr, wao have l)UNiucH at the Probate Court, will pleaHr request Judxe Hariimaa to irtiii their Printins to thiH Hice.


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