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That this is the last inonth of winter! Wliew! That the Turn Verein maquerade was a grand success. That the spring styles for gents" suits are rery loud. That the spring electlon will turn on 'gas or anti-gas." Something new for politics - gas! That the wotnan who has a good warm liood at home, and is too proud to wear t down towu when the tlierinometer s liovering aronnd zero, but wears u homeopathie bonnet instead is a p y f 1, and deservos tohuve her ears f rozen. That the republicana will be Able to elect their mayor and recorder tliis spring - that's Watts the matter. That St. Valentine's Day is a tharp dodge of the P. O. depart inent to sell penny stamps. That certain eminent citizens to the contrary, notwithstanding, free postal delivery for Ana Albor would be a public nu isa n ce. That progressive cnchre is slowly bot surely winding its toils around Aun Arbor society. That we had a splendid fall, are liaving a stalwart winter, and expect a blushing line spring. That our city couucil is slow iu throwing light upon our streets. That Dr. Breakey would make a good candidate for mayor. That our valentine was a daisy. Huw was yours That blackberries are killed - 25 below zero did it. That a record of one ton, 20,000 Ibs., of coal in 21 dxyg, consuined in one stove is a "whopping" big record, but we wil' make af├╝ilavit to the fact. That the boy who swears, swaggers, and 8inokes cigarettes at 14, is usually either in his grave, in priaon or in a poor-house at St, That the road to politica! prcferincnt is dangerous, devious and uncertaiu. That house planta have not been successfully cultivated this winter. That sonie folks teel ever so much better now that they liave had a chance to senil a liorrid picture for a valentine. That the perseverinjf Adventists have settled on a day in June for the collapse of tliii tcrrestrial globe. Oh, dear, these delays are actually becoming tedious. That Bob Ingersoll never visits Ann Arbor hecause he la afraid of the "ooilege yell." Timid Bob. Some action on the part of our citizens in reference to the hundreds of poor people In the city who are luffcrlng tor the neeessitics of life tliese hard times, should be taken. In other cities public meeting! liave been held and relief measurei instltuted. Don't tliiuk for a moment tbal those who draw trom the poor fund are the only needy ones. Therc are many who are too proud to heg, who are at starvation's door, to-day, and this is the class that neods assistance, and at once. Our charitable tinlong, and many private ndividuals are doing all possible to releve the wants of the ncedy, but thcy cannot raaofa all.


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