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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. A VERY LABGE REDUCTIQN Read Carefully WiiAT WE HAVE TO SAY FROM TO-DAY UNTIL MARCH 1, Your choice of any GLOAE in our Cloak Department for $15.00 At this price you can buy Newmarkets, Silk and Wool Russian Circulara, Silk and Wool Dolmans, and Plush Cloaks. We have on several occasions told the people of this city and county that we had too many Cloaks, and that they must be sold at some price. There is no doubt but what we will have several weeks of cold weather yet ; henee, no lady in this city or county ought to let an opportunity like this pass Your choice of any Garnient in our Cloak De])artment for Fif teen Dollars. A large number cost doublé this amount, and some cost The entire stock is placed at the huyer's option. Ladies who had decided not to buy a cloak until next season ought not to miss an opportunity like thisBACH & ABEL. 1 Case of Crochet Quilts 90c ; former price $1.25. New Embroideries and Muslin Underwear Lower than Ever Before Named. BACH & ABEL.


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