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(THE BEST Hlr restorative In the world Is Hall'8 Hair Iíenewer. It cures all diseases of the scalp, and stimulatcs the huir glands to healthful actlon. It stops the. fallmg of thehair; prevents lts turninfr gray; cureü bal il nes, and restores youthful color and freshness of appearance to heads already white with age. The following are u few lIlustratioiLs oí what Is doue by HALL'S Vegetarla Sicilian HAIR RENEWER: W Mbb. üuïisbsrrt, 344 ïranklin Ate.,' Brooklyn, N. Y., after a overo attnrk of Eryipelas In the head, found her hair- already gray- falling off o rapldly tbat he oon becsrau quite bald. One bottle of Hai.i8 Haib Kknewïr brought It back as soft, brown and thlck aa when ibe was a girl. $& Mr. Kkslino, an old frmer, near Wartauj, Ind., had acarcely any hair left, and what Iittle ttiere u of it had oecorae nearly white. One bottle of Hall's Hair Rxnewib stopped ils falling out, and gave bim a thick, luxuriant head of hair, ai brown and fres h as ba ever had. W Mrs. A. T.Wall, Greenleid, Ciethlre, Eng., writes : "I bave found the greateat benefit from the ue of Ham.1 Hair üe.vkweh, it having restored my hair, which was rapily lalling off, and returned lts original color.1' E". Bbip, Detroit, Mich., certlfles tbat "Hai.i.'h Hair Kxnewek is cicelleot for hair growlng, and give back tho natural color to faded and gray hair." Mrs. 8. E. Elliott, Glenville, W. Va., ¦aya: "One bottle of Hall' Hair Kemiwik restorcd my hair to lts natural, youthful color." No lnjurfous ubstnnoes enter tnto tho composition of IIall's II .nt Renewer, and it la not a dye. lts vegetable lngredients render It In the hlghest degreebenelirial to the scalp as a preventiva of discase, lts effecU are natural and lastlnf?, and it does not make the hair dry and briwihy, Hke the 8o-calledre3torutlvtj3 couipounded with alcohol. Buckingham's Dye FOR THE WHISKBRS Is, In four respecta, superior to all others. lst - It will produce a rich, natural color, brown or black, as desired. 2d- The color o produced Is permanent, cannot be washed off, and will not Boil auything with which it comes in contact, 3d- It Is a single preparation, and more convenient of applicatiou than any other hair or whisker dye. 4th- It contains no deleterlous ingrediente, as do mauy preparatious offered íor liko use. E. P. ÏÏALL & CO., Nashua, . H. 4kSold by aU Dealers in Medicines.1; When a man haa Biiflered from Rheumatism only a UtUe whüe, and Is relleved from hls pain, he is happy and dellgbxed. But suppose lie run Sufféred for more than a thlrdof a century. Alvln Grim, of Vale, Iowa, writi's : 0 "Atiilophoros has helped me mudi. Tho 0 0 pain in my liiuljsiH allKonc, butsoim V ness is left jet. and well there m vut te, for I have been troubled for Uiirty-nve# yeaoa with Rueumatitmi." Mrs. A. B. Baker, of Chicago, Had rheumatic pains in her back for fifteen years, and Mr. Baker had been the vletlni of lüioi:matlsm untll his Uead waa drawn duwu over lkla lf t ehoulörr. Mr. liakcr v I "Haltabottleof ATnLOPiiouoaniado 0 Juin erood aa now. My wife has taken 9 the other half, and has uot complalncd of 0 her back since. 8he eays her back nevar was 0 so free from pain and ache as it has bteu O aluce sho has taken the Atuloi'UOkok." O There are many people wlio tliink thnt because they have suHérod so long, and have txied so many medicines iu vain, lliev "suffer on their thrce lOOTeyeara." But you see what A.THLOFHOB06 liaü dono. Hiimtmt Old your Case; Ilowever Severe your Tains; Ilowever Great your Dlttnppoliitmi 'ïil .. B""Try Athlophoros "9Q If you cannot fret Athlophorosoi jont druiriFi. w wiU eend it exprees paiil, on riceiit of r'irui. r price- cv éollax per bottle. Wapnfer that j-f .i hu y it from DDT ámiggiet, but if he hium't It. do nut U pertiaadcd V tov wmtthing cbje. but order at aa mun usastaHWL ITHllftlMt m-, M2 WftlL ST, NEW YORK.


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