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The followinjï article, fron tlic pen 01 Prof. Eniil Uaur, of tlils city, ippearod Id the Evening News of Keb. 12U), and is oommended to the people of this state. [( it coulil lic ivu.l In cvery man, woinaii and chil.l in the State of Michigan, it would be a good tliine. If it couKl be read by every member of the lejrWatuie, anti fli-tni upon, il wullM I"' still. Wliy wifl our law naken not consMer ¦ tiiings that are ofuch rttal Interest to all iiie people v Is it nol time that pt-t it i.m ere sent 10 the legislatura from all partí of Michigan, ëtpeclall; trom the oountlee that borderoo uur lukes. bay tml largc rivere (or the nactment of lawi tur the protection of trees alonji ga1d water couims and for the plantatlon il foresi trees In taid localitietoy exemption from taxatlon ofsncli standing fóresd and kree plantatlona where the tiri'S and the ax have lef t a bare, dreary shore ? From wiiat wu nave beard on the tnjiic of forestrv il the WasUtenaw l'oinolrigiral BOOiety at Ann ATbor, trom men like Prof Stecre, Dr. Garrigues and otlnr-, we are coavinced that thu climate of our state is IniurioUBly affeilcd, and th' dantT and damage trom iml, Boode and inundations greatly locreaaed ly tlie destruction of our foresl trees. L uvs already in i:ileiiit' lor tue pkntatloB and piotcctionof trees upon toe hluhwiry lUould be carrifd oui.ami eTeneers ihould prompvly allow Weents pwtrM planted upon the liighway accordlng to law. and prettent tbe cutting down of trees wj the hfghway. Wliy nnt plant fruit aad nut trees aloiif the hlghwav, a8 is done in Geiniauv r


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