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which scarlet nápkiDB and red-brdered towels are to be waahedwlll prevent tlielr fadlng. It is worth recollectlng that bar map 8lioukl be cut into square pieces and put hito a dry place, as it la.-ts bitter atter slirinking. liy rubbing witli adamp flannel dfpped in tiie best whiting, the brown dUcofora tion may be removed f rom cups in whirh cnstarda have been baked. Wliy pinchase Inferior nuünegs, when tlieir quallty may be tested by pricklng tliem wltfa b pin y It they ure rood Hie oil wiil in.-tantly spread around the punclure. Carpets, a ft er the duit bat been beaten out, may be brijfhtened by scattertng upon tbem cora meal mixed witli Balt, and then iweeplng il off Mli Balt ami meal in equal proportioe. Kub black walnut iowlng-mac-liine. yciur tables, yonr cablnet organ, or any oilier pieces ol olid liirniture you may Iihíc, w.Uh b clpth moistened i 1 1 1 kerosene oil, and you uill qiilckTy Bee aii improvement, bat keej) th oil away fiom varnisl). When inilliii(i away the silver tea or coffee [ ot, wliicti is not used everv day, laya linie Btlck across the top tmder the cover. This will allow fresh air to get in Hnd prevent tlie intistim of 'he contents familiar lo hotel and boaidlng-bouse Buf(ererg. Crape may be renovaied liy tlmrouhly brushiii{r all (lust fiom the material, then 8prinkliiL witli alcoliol and rolling in a newtpai er, commendng with tlie paper and crape togetber, so tlmt the ni.iy be between every portion of tlie niateiiul. Allow it to lemain so until dry. Oood lioustkeepers are frequently annoyed by oil markt on papered wall? against hicli carelessor tlioiijrlnless persons have luid tlieir heads. These tinsijrhtly markl may be removed i y makiiiir ii poste of colil water and pipe cluy, or fulier's earth, and laying it on tlie BUrface without rubhing it on, else the pallet n l the paper will then likely be injured. Leave the paste on all night. In tlie morninjr it can be brushed off and the spot will have disappeared, hut a reii'wal f the operation may be mvossarv if Ilie


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