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I A U'S í fín jfci aSM LX COBSETS The OXLÏ CORSKT ninlc tht cnn be retnrncil by lt purcbuer (ut thr.'c mb wear, ir nut round PERFECTLY SATIgFACTORY tn every top .t, uul its pnce ivrundrd by scller. Made in a vurtety uf stylea find prioefc Sold by lirst-class dfiiU'i-s vverywhert'. ltewaro of wOTthlm Imitatloiu. Hone unU'ss ít has linll's name on ihe box. CHICACO CORSET CO., Chicago, III. For fale only hy W INÉS & WORDEN DcCLARKE NO FEE jEstablised 1851 i Merrill tJntil Setter! 1 DETROIT, MICH. BlOCkl SOy? -SStSJl Tlie regular oíd estahilsTted llrTIÖIl I'hyBloiwn and Surgeon IJK. Ir ptovII LAÍtKK at the olJ numbtr aU r""Taiw Hlcnntinuts to treat wiih his usual Elf S 2Str líl" nt ík" l atl prívate, SU Jt JBchronlo, ner-von and nnecial ilVfAIIdlaeasefl. 1R. CLaukr is [IgjMBBPlitht-nldcst Advertisingt'hysician, hsgt,J t - Hles of Papers show and alt oh) Kcsidcats kaow. Age and experlence Important. T" Nervous diseases (wilh or without dreams.) or debilïty and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new tnethods with never succcss. %% ít makes no difference what you have taken or who has failed to cure you. fiT Young: men and mlddle-aged men and all who suñtr should consult the celebrated Dr. Clarke at once. fyThe terrible polaons oL all bad hlood and kin dlseaaes uf every kind, name and nature complt-tclv eradicated. Kemember, that ooe horrible distase, if neg-lected or improperly trcatcd, cnrses the present and cominef enerations. fgr Dlseased discharges curcd protnptly without hindrance to business. Both sexes consult conñdentlally. If in trouble, cali or write. Delays are danc"erous. lrocrastlnatlon It the tnief of time." A wrlttea warrant y of cure glven in every case under taken. T" Send two stam ts for ceiebrated worki onChronlc. Nervou'sand Delicate Discases. You have an exhaustivo lymptoraaiology by which to study yourownotiei. Consultation, iHT.sonally or by letter, iree. Consult the olcl ioctr. Tïiouaanda cured. OTlce and icr Jori private. You seenoonebut the Doctor. Heforcconfiding; your case consult Dr.CLAKHE, A tríendly letter or cali may save future suffennjj and shamc, and add poldcn years to life. Medicines sent every whcre secure f rom exposure. - Hours, 8to 8; SiiDday, 9 to 12. Adrees lettere: F. O. ELARKL, M. !., Merrill Block, Cor. Woodvard & JeHerson Aves., DETROIT, MICH. TT TTT fl for worklue" pei)ple. S'iid lü cents I Ij I Npo-tiii.'"'. and w wtll raiul you frê a M n I proynl, valiinhlc t-ftinple box of eoods I ih-it will i ui nu iti ttie wny of mttklnft rnore mouey in a few daye Ihan you ever thouht posible Hí "y buinesp. Capí tal nnt reqiiiitd. You CSD Uve al taotne nd work in upare nme only, or nli Ihe time. All of both Nxm.of til Bg, 1,'randlv Huccepoful. 50 conln to $5 eai)y eanted everv evenlny, That all who want work nmv lefct the bueliK'fc, Wfl mnke thinunparalIHed offer: To k-1 who are no' weli farifficd wi' will eend f 1 to piv for the trnnble of wrltlng ti. Full parilcularn, dlreCttODS, etc., pent fret. Itnmenpe pay abeolnrely mre far all h iart at once. Uon'l delay. Addrei Stinson & Co., Portland, Malue. I nnnr Bendslx cents for postare, and refl V k I I L cilve freo, a cüsiIv box of jfooda whlch rl 11111 wlH hclP Kl1' either 8ix. to moru i i iiil. L monoy riKht away than anytliltiK flsc Ín thís world. Fortonei invult the vorken abaolutelv ure. ai cmmm addreti Tina Co.. AutniHtft. Maine. I ÍVALTaIII.E TO ALLlT Jfrt Will be maikd gf Ai # toall applicants r ft H CPQ 9% and to customers oflast vcar without orderinsit. It contnins illustrations, prlcos, dcacriplions and dlrections for planting all Vegetable and Flowcr SEÜUS, Bll-BS, etc. D.M. FERRY &CO.DEJLL1T Vitiiiilv of (iroat Men is not iihvays inniite or bnrn wilh thetn, but iniuiy Insta tice are known where it lias been acqulred by tbí pertlitent and jii.licions me it' Dr. Harter1! Iron Tonic. Better than bfl who wipc uwny a tt;ii is lie who prevenía It fiom atarting. Clip)t'(l from ('alinda Picsbyterian, unj der lljr natura of C. Bluckett I'obinson, Propr. : I was cured of bihoug lieadaches ' by Burdock Blood Bltteri.


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