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Real Estate Transfers

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James A.. Field to 0. W. Case, Maneliester $6000 E F.OHtes to A.and E. Klumpp, Lodl.. 1,600 Walter H. Hawklus to Hunlet Coiiklla, pllauii Clty 3,500 Mry J. Qím drlch to Bell A. Hall, Ypi-1lanliC'lty i000 1 S. and B A. Hall to Mary J. Goodncl, Ypsllanll Lity 1500 water S"00" Daniel .1. Stoner to John It. Smlth, Uridgewrater "00 John Jordán to Andrew Shlelds, Solo, 36 A C. Kelsey to M. Davenport. York. ... 3,800 A. H.Bid.eU toShelden D. Blrcb. 8ali-IU S5 James D. Kleld to John H. Klngsley, Manchester '.000 W. E Polier to W. E. Swayze, Augusta. 1.(wo K H. Welr to R. K. Fellows, et. al., Sitaron '" 6,15o R. K. Felows, et al., to F. H. Welr, Sharou "i936 James K. Rogers to WlUiam Crosby, Sulliie iw E H. Babcock to Susan E. Clark. Cuelsea zsou E Armbru ter to W. D. Avery. York... 2,800 Corn lius Henry to Bull & Phelps, lexter villaje 4tí0 E. su m raer to W. H. and S. Oray, Mancuesler vlllage sou W. H. and S. Gray to F. W. Smlth, Manclieaier vlllage 6UU Henry Koch to L)anlel Koch, 8clo S!70 Wm. E. Savage to W. E. Potter, AuR Q.-iLU. 1.U..U Alley and Carr to S and A. M. Carr, Üexter vlliage '¦"w W. H. Culver to D. E Culver, York. ... 1,800 I. V. Forsytbe to W. H. Culver, York.. 1,200 W. W. Tozer lo F. B. Hooper, Dexter vlllage i500 K. H. Hooper to W. W. Tozer, PltUfleld and Aun Arbor towu, aoout 170 acres, 10,500 C. L. Coleman to Frod W. Coleman, Ypsllanll &.000 Bert R. F..rd to H. R. Ford, York 350 M. R. Ford to M. B. Ford, York 350 George Campbell to Wm. Martin, YpsH lanll Olly Benjamín Archer to Jacob H. Clough, Aun Arbor lowm 400 H. C. Van Slycko to George Soott, Aun A.rbor 2500 J. G . Renculer to Geo. Renchler, Lodl . . 500 A brahain Steppe to Jesse Steppe, Norihrleld B,80 Abraham Steppe to Melton Steppe, Noriiifleld i 00 Anuolta Phelps to S. L. Hoyt, Saline. . 2.6u0 O. L. and 8. D. Uarrlng ou to E. S. Pruih'ii, envinen e0