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WORTHY Of Confldence. A VFR'C Sarsaparillals n medicino that, tn O during nearly 40 years, in all parts of the World, has proved lts efflcacy as tlio host blood alterativa knowu to sclence. SArïSAPARILLA t'Zfot'Z germine Honduras Sarsaparilla) is lts Dase, aud its powen are onhanced by the extracta of Yuilow Doek and Stif)im;la. tlie lodklet of Potassium and Iron, and other potent inrodients. IQ vour blood vitiuted by deraugements O of the digestiva and i.-Minilatory funotions? is it talated by St-rofula? or does it contaia the poison of Mercury or Contagioua Uhteaa I TH F luJino physlctana of the United int States, who know tho composition of Aykii's Saks.vparilla, ay that notliini else so rood for the purification of the blood is wilhin the rauge of pharmacy. ft ui V by the use of this remedy is It UnLI possible for a penon who has corrupted blood to uttain sound bealth and jirevent traosmiBslon of the destructive taint to poaterlty. TUnDnilPUI V ollVciivcrenovatlon InUnUUunLT „f n,e system must include not only the romoval of corruption from the blood, but its enrichrnent and the strenthening of tho vital organs. nri IA Dl f wttMMM, all over tho KtLIADLt world, tostifv that this work isbettor aocomplishedby Ayer'S Sarsapakilla thau by any other remedy. Bi nnn tnat ls corruptcd through dlDLUUU oase is made pure, and blood weakened through dlmiuutiou of the red oorpuscles Is made strong, by AYER" SARSAPARrLLA. DIIDirVIMP "10 ll!'""' Bni1 building rUnlrYlWU up tlio syntem require time In serious cases, but benefit will be derived from tho use of Ayer'S Sarsaparilla. more speedily than from anythinj? else. lirniPllir forwhleh like cffects are IflLUIOinC. falsely rlalmed. Is abund:mt in the market, undermanynames, but the onlv preparation that has stood the test of time, and proved worthy of the worlB confidence, ia Ayers Sarsaparilla, PREPARED BT Dr. J.C. Ayer &. Co. , Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists: Price $1; Six bottles for $5. LUMBER! LI7MBER! LÏÏMBES! It you contémplate buIUlincr, cali at FERDON LniEi lililí! Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., and ge our figures for all kiuda of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber and guaran tee AERY LOW PRICES 49Give us a cali and we will make it to your interest, as our large and wcll graded stock lully sustains our assertion. Telephone Coimeitions with Office. T. J. KKBCH Supt JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAIN, GENERAL. ;oiririci!; : Over Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, OOR. OURON AND FOURTH; STS.. North British Insurance Co,, Of London and Edinburg. ICapltal, ?13,000,000, Gold. Detroit FIre and Marine Insurance Co., Cash Asseta 600,000. Springfleld Ins. Co. of Massacluisetts, CaihAtscts $1,800,000. Howard Ibs. Company of New York, CaikAeeets $1,000,000. Agricultnral Ins. Co., Watertown, N.Y., Cah Asseta 1,200,000. Losics Llberally Adjuated and Promptly Pald. DO YOU KSOW TUT LORILLARD'S CLIMAX PLUG TOBACCO Wlth lied TIn Tag Is the best? Is the pures is never aüultcrated wlth glucose, barytes niolasses, or auy deleterious Ingrediënt, as Is the case wlth inany other tOMOOOf. Ï-Ollll.l. H1 's KOE LEáF FIXK OUT TOBACCO Is alno made Of tli Ilnest stock, and for aro niatlc ohewlng quiillly Is second to none. l.oitll.l. ie l XAVY OIiIPraiCM take first rank as a solid durable smoking tobáceo wlierever lntroduced. F.MOUS SNL'FFH. have been used for over 124 years, and are Bold to a larger extent than auy others. rFlÍTlÍRM FOR SALK Ten Acres oí Land, one-half of Whlch Is planted to ; FRUIT OP EVERY VARIETY! 1 ljoeated In Ann Arbor Townshlp, three milos ' from theclty. Inqulre of A. B aclimldl. cor. 1 of Detroit and North ts., Ann Arbor, Mlch.


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