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W ifTROYALiiSiSJ j B POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thls powdor never varíes. A marvel of puity.strength and wholesomeness. Moreeconomical than the ordlnary klixls, and cannot esnld in competltlon wlth the multltude ot i iiv tABl, eko t woiglil, ohim or pboDpht xiwders. 8old only In cana Roïal Bak in 'owdeb Co., 106 Wall St. N. Y. ECZEMA! And Every Species of I tcliiny and Burnin Diseases Positlrely Cured. IMZKMA.orSalt Rhenm, wllh lts agonlzing itchj ing ind hurning. instantlv rellevej by a warm hat'i with C'uticdra Soap, and a single applictttion oí Cdticitra, the great Mein Cure. ThlH repeated daily, with two or ihree doses of Cuticuba Hk solvknt, the New Bliod Puritier, 10 keep the blood cool, the perspiration ptire and nnirriuün, ttn bowelr opi-n, the liver and kidneys active, will speedily cure Eczemt, Tetter, Ringworm, Poriasi?, Llchen, Priiriuii, öcald Head, üandrnff ad every rpeci s of Itch nc, Scaly aud Pimply Humorp of the Scalp and Skin, wlieu the bedt physicians and all kunvn [m di a lail. Will MrDonald. 2542 Dearborn st., Chicago, rraufuJl; acknuwk-dires a cure of Kczema or Salt Rhenm on head, neck, face, arm and lege fot seventeen years ; not able to walk except on hand and knees lor one yeur ; nnt able to help himeif for etüht yeare ; tried hundrede of remedies ; doe tora prinoQüced his caii hopeles-; permaneutly manently cnred cured bv i uriefnA Hksolvent (btood pnriSer) intemaily, and t'uTicUKA and Cuiicüka bOAl' (the great kin caree) exteinally. Citarles Houghtou, Esq., lawyer, 28 ÜtMe Streel, boston, ie -oiis a c&sv oï .--alt Khenm uuder his obstrvaiion fir ten years, whtcb. covered the pai:eni's body and hmb, and to whlch all known methode of tre;itment had been applied without heutfit, wh'ch was complelelycurnd olely by the Cuticura Uemedieb, leavii g a clean and healih} ¦¦klu. F. H. Drakr, K"-, Detroit, Mlch., ufftTcd DDtOld tunarse Irom tc.ema, hich appeared oi his hand, huwd and lace, and nearly deetroycd hlt eye Alter the mo.-t carelul dottoring and a con suitaiion of phyicias Tailed to relieve bim, he aied the Cdticura Risedils, and was cured, and has remained so to date. Mr. John Thiel, Wilkesbarre. Pa., writes : "I have s i ffered Irom Balt Hhcnm for over eight years, at time- so bd that i could mt attend to ny huHÍnet-8 f ir iverks at a time. Three boxee ol uncURA and four boules of Kksolvent have enlrely cured me of thls dreadful disease." Sold by all drngi;ÍBt'. Price, Cuticura, 50c.; Reolveut, #1. J'otter Dbuu and Cuemical Co., öostou, Mass. Hend for "Hun to care Skin Diseases" IWiüRA SOAP, an exquisito Toilet, Bath, twll and Niir-t-ry Sanative. CATARRH That pure, sweot, safe, aDd eflectlve American dlstllxtion of Wilch-Hazel.Amorican Pino, Canada Fir, Marlgold, and Clover-Blossom, called Sanford's Radical Cure for Catarrh, wlth one box CitarrhalSolventoneSandford'sIraproved Inhalcr, all in one package, may now be had of all drug gists, for tl. Ask for Sandfoiij'b Radical Cure. Complete Local and Constitutional Treatment for every lorm of Cataarh. from a Simple Cold or Influenza to loss of smell, taste, and Hearing, Cuiigh, Bronchitis, "nd Catarrhal Consumptlon, In every packager C'lergymen, VocnilHt, And public speakers without miniber owe their present nsemlnis and wuccees to öanford's Radical Cuke lor Catakhh. Rev. Dr. Wigijin sajs: "One of the beet die lur Cataarli- nay, the best remudy we nave ound in a liretlme uf suffurlng- is Sanford XadiCaL Curí. lt clearf the head and throat h thoniuu'iily ihal, takii s each morning on nsinc here are DO dtnagreeable iiawklnu daring ihe enire day bnt an unprecedentcd clearnena of voice and rcBplratory organe." Sold by all druggiBts. Hilce, l:00. Potter IruB and Chemical Co., Boston. COLLÍNS mVSrWe'al VOLTWC BlEUCTWO dd Sá"COB&'. J5 . ._,.oS Weak Stomack and Bnwelo VASTE3 Dyspcpeia, Female Wrak noBP, BbootlDC pair.e through ihe loina and back, try these plaBiers. Vlsced over Ihe pit ol the Stomnch, thiy prevent and care Asas Palns. Billona Colic, Liver comulainti. and protect the yetem lrom a Ihousand Hls. 25c. ioïïiir A HEALTHY AND EXCITINQ EXERCISE Can be had durln the winter month by playing TEN PUS. COCKED HAT, Or anv of the games of a bowling alley. On FOUBT1I HIKKET, opposlte the Court House, 18 BIISS9 BoH"S Alley, which hs recently been lluoly decorated and fltted up lu good style. PATRONIZED BYThË BEST PEOPLE. SI ml ¦! here can get one of the best adtuUem o? a Rymiiaslum. The exerclse SaTcaod olroaitton, help digestión and TiïSuWCOMJB AND TH Y IT 1 A. C. It l.l-s A CO. ATTTrrn Sond ix cenW for p!UKeI ' 1 1 nd receive free, a costly box H K I I H of goode which wlll help you I I l M."'m're'nonoyri(?htawayihan X AlAtJJJlnyihlni! clsc In fhi world. All, of ciiher eox, eucced lrom flrst hunr. The broad road lo fortune opens belore the "orkeri, absolntely ore. At onco address, Tnus Oo., AaguU, Malae.


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