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De One Who Sot Us Dree

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From the Ir.ter Ocean The Browns (of Washington) discuss the presient.] De days keep growin' long-ah SYildy De time am wlu?elin' round' Wen all de little airy yarbs Come nostn fru de groun', An' open out dere posy buds To s wee ten up de breeze, An robins lirrup-lollup Ebry mormn in de trees, An blackbirds hold mass meetin's An fairly strain dere froats A lectioneerin' fur de spring Oh yas de g-ood ole times ob spring Are comin' wheelïn' roun'. De days keep growin' longah But de time is nar'rtn down Wen dere'll be big house-clcanin' An' movin' tings abnut Wen de f'res'dent ob de White House Has to go a steppin out. Hits a long percession S'rildy Dat comes a shinin' down Acrostde page ob histery In dis yer Cap'tal town Dey goes in wid great Aourish Wile de brass ban 's bang and toot. But some comes out in coffins And some comes out afoot, Sometime de nalion say " Well done ! ' Sometí mes she shake her head But all de same dere libes an' doin's Are written down an' read, I could 'labórate ds subjec' El I had to make a speech Fur I'se 'quainted wid de picters An'rie histery ob each. Fura PresMent Gin'ral Washin'ton De fust elected who Wuz Fadder ob his native country An I spose hits cities too, Down ter Lincoln Liberator De one who set us free - Pears like hls pfcteraliu iuvk De handsomest ter me 1 Au dre's a heap ob odder names Comes in betwixt these two; De mose ob dem smart sort ob men Who had a heap ter do In fillin up de histerry Ob dese United States; Fur instance there wuz Jefferson Ob him de book relates He done invent Deraockercy, Hits 'vidin' spiles and sich Or wuz hit Hick'ry Jackson now? Well I disremember which. An de e's de men ob modern times De ones I voted fur Fum Lincoln down de shinin' line Which stops as sudden hyur, But Lincoln he's up at de head Whar 'publicans commence; Hits cur'us we'se hed all martyrs Among de Presidents Oh, I'se posted on dere histery Bofe 'íore de wah an sence Fur my favoritest readïn' am De libes ob Presidents


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