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iuuK uui lor cuuiuerieii suver 5-1 s. The state prison has 715 prlsonera non. Lurnber cumps are breaking up in the north woods. A blooati.!.- wa n JLlmont is m;ikng a three-barrelled gun. J. B. Atwood, who recently died at Flint, leaves a very large estáte. At Alleman the roller-rinks are taied $1 per day for every day they are open. Bay City will build an opera-house in the near future of a grandeur to match the wealtU of the third city in the state. An autopsy on a Lnpecr cow which recently died in a mysterious nian ner, showed a darning neecile In her heart. Since its organization in 1875, the Masonfc Mutual Benefit Association of western Michigan, at Grand Rapids, has distributed $175,000 among the heirs ot deceased ineuibers. Two Indian boys called to collect a bilí from Timothy Coughlin, living 8 miles below SaulC 8te. Marie. Coughlin fired at them in response to threats and killed both boys witli one bullet. He was arrested and jailed. The comparative purity of saltmade at the plilicipal aalfap dutilng placus Is: Manmtee, Micb., 97.96; Onondaga, N. Y., 97.41; Qoderich, Ont„ 97.03; Turks Islam), W. I., 96.76; Cbeshire, Eng., 96..'(6; Saginaw, Michigan, í)2.í)7. Supt. Conely wants $25,000 out of the Detroit Evening Journal foralleged libel. Bah! Better speculate in sotne bucket shop, and niake it that way, than to try and beat a newspaper man out of it through some trivial technicality in the law. It is certainly very funny to bear a man bowling about patronizing home industries, when he uses a rubber stamp to make the most horrible daubs of letter heads and cards wlth which nicc white paper is spoiled, or patronize eome cheap amateur who does hhn a botch job for a trifle above nothing. Many nien's ideas of 'patronizing homo industries' are for every body else to do it. Allegan has a 22-year-old lad who Is six feet and three inches tall, weihs nearly 300 poundf, measures 50 Inehes arouud the chest, 52 around the waist, and 30 arouiid the thigh. It takes about as much cloth for him a pair of pants as it does for a suit of clothes for au ordiuary printer. If any town in the state can beat us let them produce their kid. - Allegan Journal and Tribune. A wonderful case of natural depravity recently developed in Sliiawussee couDty . Eva Baadley, aged 11 years, is in jall ;it Corunna, nwaiting trial tor arson. This wicked girl was recently adoptad by a Mr. Stevenson, of Ovid. One niirlit, about a montli ao, the child got out ol bed, found somc matchet, set tire to soine rubbish and burned the bouae, glring M her excuse that she "ju9t feit like doing something bad."


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