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The Battle Creek Snnday Cali lias aborbcd the New9 of that place. The Grand Rapids Saturday Evening ""ost ia iiow a rod hot pi ulllljlllull p.ipcr, and dlslies tempeiance up from that tiitidpolnt in a right lively inanncr. If JBiiiuuKN SriiiNoa doesn't take its place among the most enterprising and hrilly villages in the state, itwon't betlie áult of the Eva. Ehat paper is doing ts level best to accomplish tnat end. The Ovkl Union, one of the brightest bougb smal lest of our state exchangat, ïas moved into new and more comnodlooi quarters. Wonder why the Jnion only reaclies us semi occasionally ? :t is too good a puper to miss so often. The Monroe Commercial has commencd a daily eilition, and comes to us regularly as the Evening Commercial. It is a ix column paper, and has a good writer upon it whodoes up Mouroe and vicinity n a lively way. Success to the enterrise. The Pontiac Gazette points to a prohi)ition Gust : Ton democratie cetmtoro owo tUoti oloo Ion directly to the thhd party prohibiiouists. Every repubiican senator spoke 'or and voted tor the adoption of the resoutiou subinitting the prohibitory constituional ameudmentto a vote of the peoplej every democratie senator voted and spoke igainst such submissioD, and it Callad by our votes of a neceesary two-thirds. Gentlemen can draw their own infereuces ind comnience on the nextchapter in the listory of temperance in Michigan. The Stockbridge Sun hasthls little comparUon of two uvents that'l worth readng: Twenty-four years ago last Wednesday, the Repuullcani receivedfrom the Derno:ratio party the scepter of power; and ast Wednej-tlay thcy returned it into the lands wlience it canie, how Well thcy ïave kept the chaise c;in easily be understood by a baekward glance over these twentytour yeais. 1861 and 1885! Lin(Joln and CleTeland ! How widely difsimiar their 1 The former, the Standard bearer of the abolition party but i'ui jcaia vui, mu latid, Lllü itTauiL vi .. oombinutlon of circtimstances, rather tliM.ii tlie tiiumpli of a great principie I VVhen Mr. Lincoln, in disguise (and it was uusafe lor him to üo otherwise) entered Washington, seven states had passed ordinaiicts of seeestlon, and had a duly organi.ed goveinment, with all the rqiiipments of war, the first gun of rebeilion bad been flred, the treasury and the araenals wcrealike empty, everything was uncertainty, anxu-ty. Tlie nation was on the verge of a convulsión, which proved more dreadful than any had anticipated. 2STow Cleveland goes to the White House amld tlie huzzas of bis party and tlie hoarty amens of all opponents. Feace and prosperity and equality of all before the iaw prevail all over this broad land. Five ëtates have been added tothegalaxy, thirty inillions of people to the popnlation, the treasury is so ful] that no one uiows what to do with the money. The Republicans found the credit of the nation wounded and have healed the wounds, they found the nation laboring itli an uncertain cnrrency and gave us one ttllHI) pBgPBSHt .-ilit .ui. "l ,...!¦ -trht.ict.vci the sim shincs, they found three million boiulineu and they are now citizens, they found all uncertainty and to-day stability and system prevalí in all the departnients of goveriuuent. Thej' found - but the list is too long, we are patriotic enough to hope ihe incoming party have at long enough at the feet of a great teacher to have learned something, and will profit by observation.


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