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Antiquity Of Wire

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i ne maiiuiaciure oi wire is a very ancient art, but the metal originally used was almost exeliisively eitlier gold or silver, and nialleability was taken advantage of in the production of wire ratlier than ductility. The fabled net ol' Vulcan was made of sucu wire. Fabries were also woven of it, and a golden uirment weighi n j? thirty-six poon ds, made trom wire of Uiis soit, wa9 fiiind in the tomb of the Empero! Honorius wlien opened at Kome in 1.M1. Ai) allusion is made in the Book of Kxodna to tlio fact tliat "they ditl beat the }{old into thin plates and cut it into wire tor decorating the rich garments of the priests. "The beautifully twiDed tassel of solid rold" of tbe 2EglS, referred to in the "litad," the zone wbich Juno put on captive Júpiter, and the wondorful head dress of a prolusión of gold cliain, fouud by Scblelmaun at Troy, were all made of hainniered wire. It was not BH til some time after 1300 tbat wire drawlag bOma an art. A race of wire drawers, wlio made iron wire by band, atteiwards by water-power, then Bprung op in Qermany and became famous in Europe. Wire makin)? wis introduced in England about the middle of tbe fifleenth cent nry. This industry was commeiictd in the United States at the beglnnlng of the present century, and It is net'dless lo say that it has jrrown into enormous propoitions witbin tbe past few years.- [Tbe Fountoln. About tlie only time a man wishes he were a woman is wlien lie has to give up bis seat to a woman in a street car.


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