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Peculiarly Unfortunate

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story of an old resident, who has been many times at death's door, but never quite entered the portals from whence none ever return. He may be known to soine of our old residenters: We have ¦ war scarred veteran living In our midst, than whom probably m DMO in the State of Michigan has more maiks ot' biittle, or hnssurvived sucli a numlier of apparently fatal injuries, and tliat man 9 Capt. Pi-dfoid. He is a native of Enland, but Wttled in Prinisylvaiiia, and carne to Michigan aboot live yeati before the war, in whieh be enlisted froffl Am n Arbor, in the lst Michigan Infantiy. and ittained the rank ot captain. Üe ahvays i-erined to be most iintnriiinate in gettlng wounded or nearly killed in some way, and most fortúnate In ultimately recoverinR from wliat all liis attendanls at inany limes tboufrlit was iiis death-blow. When n mere lid lie had broken through tlie ice on the Alletlicny river at Pittsburg, and was barely sa ved from diowning; ngain, when he was it work for the he went in bathing in the mili pond at Terra Coupe, imar Bitchainan, and be coming exhausted went down tlnce times, and was witli difiiculty saved from drmvning. While quite young in bis Paunsylvania home be wus kicked by a horse in the left temple, and his skull fraotnred, and a deep indentation marks the spot today. He received another fracture of the skull on the right ide of the heail by ii blow from the bult of a loailed wbip ; he shows the cars of a dirk knife in bis rifjht siüe and of a pitch-fork prong in 1 1 is rrolo. AtCulpepper Couri Heuse he received a subre ent across his rijht wrlst, but he captured the rebel who struck lum, and still has the sabre at his home on Hamlin Street; at Fredericksburjr he received live bullet wounds, one in a very tender place, and was given up for de.iti, ai.d at another time a piece of shell struck him over the left eye, and tbere too, hu shows a scar which tells of an Bflly wouiid. Neither has he had iiniuunity from such hair-breadth escapes since comiiift home from the war, and dnring the time he bas lived in Jacksnn B ¦ j Barí a;o last 4th ot July Ei was shot iu the abdomen while in a crowd at the Knightsof Pythias celebration on thefair grounds lo this city. The bullet took au upward eoane and lodged ander the left Inwer rib, whcre it still remains. He was given up for dead, and itgiveshini much trouble yet. Again, only last September, he was knocked down by the treet cars near the M. C. R. H. eroMlng on Main street, and his left thouUler na dislocated, so that sinco his recovery Q has not been able to put his coat on oroff. Still the old bullet-proof, water-proof, and accident-proof veteran is on carth and at til years of age is hale and active. We don't wish him any more misadveiitures such as we have enumerated, but should he meet witli tluni we lmp' ft' ¦ like happy terminntion of the eñVet-, for old "Cap' is a sort of celebrity, and well liked as u genial old sould, and all woald like to keep him witli us.


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