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Care For Old Veterans

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lature looking to the establishment of a Sol├╝iers' Home at the old fort at Dear- brrn. There are a considerable nuinbor of the old veterans in thls state who are not receiving pensions and who have to receive some aid to enable them to live. Nov it is not jiist right for a wealthy state or nation to allow its old-time defenders and supporters to go to the poorhouse when they become too old and feeble to work. For a state to do this is like a man's letting his poor old father, who brought him up, go to the poor-house. That, all know, is despicable. The states of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois and others already have established these homes, and in the remainlng states there is a general raove iti this light direction. In an able article in the Electrical Re11 There are some who desire to debate to the last penny the question of its economy. We do not compare the cost of gas with tliat of candles; but wlien the li;:ht can be supplied, questions of its moral, social and hygeoic adaptability, will determine its use, and not the question of price - although In New York city the price of electricity is the same as that for gas for the same candle power, and it is far lower than was that of gas in the early days of its introduction. "For interior illumination, gas is unhealthy, destructive nnd objectionable in many ways. When we consider that the ordinary gas jet will, without proper ventilation, soon render the air of aroom unfit to b.-eathe, and that the incandescent lamp does not in the leaet depend upon the atniosphere for its maintenance,whilst it radiates one-seventeenth the heat of a gas flarae, tuis ni usen is sumcienc to uecide the issue."


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