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Take Ayers' Sarsaparilla in the springof the year tü purify the blood, invigorate the system, excite the liver to actiop, and restore the healthy tone and vigor of the whole physical meclianistu. Avoiaance Dtsired. lío matter how proud er man tnay be ter day, let him pt drunk, an' terniorer he won't hold hls head so iniglitv high. It ain't de feelin' d;it somebody (eed him starjrer nur de feelin' o' sickne-s what hab tollered - it am siniily )p feelin' dat he hiib been drunk - a feelin" whut kain't be described. I hab beard men brjjt dat da habdumk whiskey fuiyears an' hab nebe been drunk. He muy hab kep' de public frotn llndin' it out, m' may neber bc 'cused o' drunkennese; but my 'pinion o' dat man is dat wid him dar hab made much mo' effort at hidin' den he hub at ti-llin' de tiuth. - Arknnsaw Traveler. Too True to be Sad. He was a busy man and she was x society wom.m. One evening he .uddenly looked up from his paper and said: "By the way, didn't we have a baby in tbis house about the time Midland bioad gautre went up to ninety elglit Í" '¦Tes," Mie said, "Ocar was born the nijrbt of the Eveiinwham reception.'' "Boy, was it?" be said, with i show of interest. "I had forjpitten; niu.-t btibout 7 months old by this time. Wiiere is hef" 8he toucbed a bell, a servant appearei', and she oidereil Oscar to be bronyut lutu the presence of his sire. Instead ol whom. the weeping nuise iippeared alone, and with iiimdv tears nniiftiiird thnt Ifae infant Oscar had been kidnapped in the park six weeks before, and tlmt the moi caieful srarch, aided by advei tiooinents in Ihedaily papi-rc, liadthus far tailed to revel lus wbereabouts. Thus we scp that wealth is no barrier to sorrow, ind even into the homes of the rich and tln(freat, trouble ereeps with its stealthy tread, and eometimi'S breuks up u whole evening of enjoynient. Take It tlils Mimtb. Spring rapidly appronches, and it s important that every one should bc prepvrcd for the dDpressing effects of the changliijc season. This is the time to puiify the blood and strengthen the system, by taking Hood'a Saisapaiilla, which stands uu [¦qualled as a spring UK'diciuc, iind has enioröements of a diameter seMom iven iny proprietary medicine. A book Mining statements of the niany wondtiful urcs it has accomplished, will be sent jpon application to C. I. Hood & Co., kpothecaries, Lowell, Mass. 100 Doses Dne Dollar.


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