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"Tliou man tli of wind and rain, The tyrmu of tho year. We watcl iny atorras with pain, Yut wista thee nere. For sets thou brlneeat spring, And witu lt blrds tbelr cbeer, Wulch sofier thougbt wlll brlng, And üanlab foar. Rerid our want and for sale column on second page tliis week. Local talent is soon to bring out a play to aid the L. L. A. of A. A. The spring electlons will occur thig year on llonday, April 6th. Have you signed the petition asking for a soldier's home in Michigan? Co. A will discuss the best time for the state encampuie'.t at their April meeting. The school traant law conldbe enforced with good results, even in this "Athens." The high school junior e.xhibition occurs in the chapel on Friday evening of next week. John W. Hunt has beeu proposed by gome of his democratie friends aa good tiniber for mayor. The po8tofllce at Walsh has been abolished, and mail intended for that office will now be sent to Anu Arbor. It seems quite evident that our nelghbor of the Democrat is not an admirer of Prof. Maclean and hig schemes. Rev. Abrarn J. Ryan, of Mobile, Ala., is to lecture at llie opera house Marcu 10. His subject, ' 'True and False Prozress." Yesterday the Jury for the March term of court eutered its appearance. But the business of the session is not very great. Aiary S. Conant of the 6th ward, died March 6th, of consumption, aged 18 years. Funeral held Sunday froin the residence, on 12th st. With the corapliments of Hon. E. S. Lacev, we have received a copy of Bayley's 'National Loans of the United States froin July 4, 1776 to June 30, 1S80." Whe the Alessrs. Granger complete the new building tliey are erecting on State st., they propose to remove the goods from thelr Huron et grocery thereto. There won't be many descriptions for the Auditor General to sell for taxes in this county. Seyen of the few advertised have ülready been paid to County Treasurer Belser. Some maminoth specimens of gold and iilver quai tz rock wilt soon be on exhibition in the secretary's office of the Star Mountain Mining Co. of this city, taken from one of theii Colorado mines. A renionstrance against the passage of the bill by the legislature, prohibiting the sale of liquor wilhin flve miles of the university, is benig circulaled, numerously igned, and will be forwarded to Lansing soon. An anonymous correspondent tells us about a young lady who came to town, graduated from the high school in three weeks, and finished ud her ments as i queen in a dancing school and the skating: rink n a still shoiler period. Right lively girl, that. Can't some of our friends at different place in tliecounty furnish ug with a few items each week ? It would be a good expnrience for som. younr person, and be a tip top thing for the neighborhood. We wil] furnigh statlonery and the Courier to correspondente, free. This sour cow item: C. N. Haines, of, has a common nativecow that cal ved February lOth, that stormy Tuesday, and from seven days niilk has churned 16% pounds of butter, or an average of '2 lbs. 6oz., per d;iy, besides using from two to three quarts of milk a day in the family. Has our city marshal had his first set-to with the English sparrowsyet? We'll bet Charlle coukln't be hired to kill one of the gancy üttle foreigners. [Later! He is now experiment ing with different kinds of poison, and talks of offering a reward for something that will effect a painless death.] Ralph Matteson, a young man aboutlO years of ge, whose parents live at DUboro, died Wednesday night lavt, of pneamonia. Dercased had been attending the high school in this city duringthe winter, and bid fulr to be a more than usualiy bright man. The family have the deep gympathy of the entire community where they live. Allmendinger & Schneider have been taking in the wheat at a rapid rato lately. Duriiig four days of last week they averaged 1,450 bus. daily, and one day 1,700 bus. were ruslied in upon them. The boys are keeping up with the procession, howerer, and have hard woik to obtain grain enouglt to keep thelr mili grinding. One of the very first-things "ye local1' remembers when arriving in Ann Arbor upwards of 25 years ago, is the face and forin of Dick Johnson, standing by hig bus, and cali ing out to new arrlvals: "Omnibus here to Cook's hotel or any part of the city." And to-day we can't se.e that Dick looks any older than he did at that time. And yet only last week we commltted the unpardonable error of laylngDick upon the shelf through being worn out with years of work. The fact is Dick is good for another 25 years, and the Johnson referred to was Bill Johnson, an entirely different individual. Maple sugar- now- pure- thia year'g sap or no sale. Testerday was the almanac d;iy for spring to cominencc. The dayg of sleighing hereafUi aro very few and full of grit. Monday was a March day, puro and unadulterated. It blow great guus. The latest addition to the telephone oxchance is John Keck & Co., tlie fiirniture dealers. The average school youngster has the days to the March vacation all eounted up on his fingers. The Chequamegons expect to speml the suminer at Lake Minnetonka, Miun., making music for tho summerers at that place. The losses sustained by the Wastenaw Mutual Insurance Co. to date, amounts to about 90c. on the $1,000. Last year to same date 9c. Candidates with sufflcient moral courage and self saciïficlng disposilion to run for local offices this spring, are like unto a hen's dentifrice. Young daughter, Sunday, at ex-Regent Climie's. And also about the same time, one at Wm. Wheeler'. All on Maynard st. AnJ that is a short street, too. Anna E., wife of Albert West, died March 5th, at the age of 34 years, of heart disease. Funeral was held Saturday, trom the residence at Cornwell'l Mills. " Do je s'pose Cleveland means what he says about this civil service reform?" is the anxious question demócrata aro excitedly wlilspering Ia each other's ears just n oh . Fred. J. Sculede has rcnlcd the store in the oíd Chapín house, corner of Fourth and Ann Streets, recently enlirely re-fitted bv B. Green, Ia whieh to re-opcn his stock of goods. At the coming election the peoplo of this county will have an opportunity to suy yes or no on the proposltion to vote $12,000 for a new jal). This fact should not bc forgotten. Fred S. Hubbard has agaiu beou so unfortunate as to be burned out la Prescott, Arizona. He will go into a brick store next time. The loss was about f1,000, partly insured. Ilon. C. IJ. Riclnnond, of this city, who is now in the national capital, iscredited bv Washington correspondents witb a patriote dcsire to serve nis country as her representativa at Honolulú, Sandwich blandí. The "winter lingering u the lap of spring" gag is being worked by newspaper men already. Why, he isn't lingering In her lap now, he's setting right down on it, and has his iirms right around her, too. Hugging her up tight. There will be an eclipse of the sun visible in the United States, Monday, Murch lOth, lasting frotn half-past 11 a. m. until haf-past2 o'elock p. in. Smoked glasse8 in order. Perhaps some of our politicians who see as "through a gkiss, darkly," will not need theira smoked. The itreets of Ann Arbor are tn au "Jlllgiut" condltlon, and a man wllh feeillko u outhern planlation will Imve noilifflculty in navlgatingsafely.- Manchesier Enterprise. Of course Bro. Blosser speaks f rom experieuce in the above. Singular, too, for though we are about town considerably, we didn't notice his tracks anywhere. The Ypsilanti Commercial cbanged proprietorship last week. C. R, Pattison, taking bis three sous into partnership as a stock company. The boys piopose to take a load off the slioulders of tlieir father. But they can't make hiin give up work - we'll wager a big apple on tbat point. If people in sending letters to the Cocrier for publication would remetnber tbat we never publish any personal flings, neighborhood quarrels, and the like, and also remember tbat notbing is publislied without knowing who the author is, they might possibly save theraselves time, stationery and stamps, and our waste paper basket much aucumulation. The passage of a resolution by the board of supervisors, at their January eession, autliorizlng a charge of $15 to be made for the use of one of the rooms in the basement of the court house by the 8d ward In which to hold its elecüon, must be freighted with gall. Especially so when we come to think that Aun Arbor City paid f 20,000 toward tbat building aside from her regular tax of onefiflh of all the balance. On Saturday evoning last, as the Jacksoii expresa was coming west on the M. C. R. R., it ran into a horse and buggyat Gilbert's crossing, at Ypsilanti; A son and daughter of Chas. Fletcher of that city were in the bujfgy, both were throwu out, and the son hurt seriously. An iron ¦¦f the engine pierced the horse's intestines, and the animal ran se varal rods with its bowels dragging upon the ground, but finally dropped down dead. Several accidenta have occurrecl at this crossing before. The various masonic lodges of the city have held meetings and voted to accept the pioposition made by the proprietors of the St. James to rent the third story of that building for a period of twenty years. The partitions will be removed by the proprU'tors and the floor cleared, after which the musons will divide it off into rooms to suit their convenienc ind ntcessities. It will make tbc handsomest quarters owned by any organization in Michigun. Work will be commenced at once, it isthought. At the municipal election held at Manchester Mondiiy, a red hot time was had. Two tickets in the field, "Citizens" and "People'g," the latter bdiig the new name for the old greenback organization. The result was mixed, a follows: Presiden- James E. Klngsley, O. Clerk- Kdwin Root U. Ïreasurer-Nathanlel Scbraldt, C. Assessor - KlIJati D. Carr. P. Street ComraWoner-BenJ. D. Lovejoy, P. Trustees- Harraon Clark, C; Ueo. Nlsle and Wm. Burtless, P. Constable- C'hristlan Brenner, P. The election of Lovejoy, however, was efi'ected by tbc aid of the citizens' ticket supporters. The sale of the Ypsilantian bas been effeeted, and the new proprietor Messrs. Qeo. C. Smythe and Perry F. Powers, issued their first paper last Friday. Hereafter the Ypeilantian will advocate republican principies, and as such it is heartily welcomed bjr the party in this county. As a newspaper it already has the lead in that section, and the skill, ability and energy oí the new proprietors will certainly kee) it way to the frunt. Mr. Smythe, years ago, worked on the old Ypsilanti Herald, and so can almost be counted a pioneer in Washtenaw journalism. We trust the new proprictors will find their Held a protitable one, and that Ypsilanti and Washtenaw county will provea permanent and ploasaut abidItiif place.


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