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received tor the general library. The unity club have a program for Monday evening next, that will be interesting. J. VV. Donovau, of Detroit, is In town this week supply ing the laws wlth his new book on lavv practice. The Kappa Alpha Thetas have their biennial conveution wttfa the Eta chapter of the U. ot' M. the 2Gth of this month. Gov. Felch in 1845, when governor of the state of Michigan signed the diplomas of the tirst graduales of the university, eleven in all. The athletic association of the university has been admitted to the InterCollegiate Athletic Association, so writes J. Lolt Ludlow the secretary, to E. AKosenthal. Prof. Oeo. H. Hovvison, at present of the California State Uulversity, in a recent speech before the Uhit-Cuat club of San Francisco, spoke in words of great praise of the University of Michigan. The resolutions recently passed by the studcnts of the law departmest have been nicely engrossed with India ink, at a cost of about f 10, to present to Mr. Buhl, the recent donor of the law library to the university. Saturday Frank B. Suaith, Eugene X. Baer, John B. Wal luce, Francis A. Slatterly, Cari Grosse, William A. Connell, Geo. E. Budd, Norman VV. Ilaire, Cassius Hollenbeck, John S. Wright, Varian C. Botsford, Geo. W. Burker.Waldemar Van Cott, Richard II.Thurston, James McLennan, and H. K. Fowler, of the law class, were admitted to the bar. Here is i " fish story " going the rounds of the state press. You can believe as mucli of it as you wish : " Tliere is living at Algonac one of the best educated inen in the state. He is a Master of Arts of Oxford Uuiversity, ia the only man in Michigan who h;is a thorough knowledge of Anglo-Saxon, and has written au exhaustive work on English Philology whlch was published by Fredcrick Warnc, of London, Yet this man supports liimself by catching fish." The Oracle lor 1885 will be on sale the latter part of this week, and the publication isoi.e of the best whlch has been issued from this office, wl'ich is saying considerable, lor many of these publications have been given to the public from the CooniEB prcsses. The editors tliis year are : John L. Dufly, P. E. Beeman, J. W. Thomas, J. W. Case, E. L. lloover, A. J. Covell J. D. Hibbard, Chas. Hudson, a list which npeaks well for the quality of the contents. It Is full of wit, keen hits, and entertainlng matter, and any one who is ntcrested In such publications cannot faU to lind tliis of interest, and veiy great interest. The boys have labored hard to meet popular favor, and we feel tliat they will ftccomplllh their purpose. The best thing to do is to buy one, and judge for yourself. The following from the Sunday Post, Detroit, glves an excellent description of one of our old Ann Arbor boys, of whom many friends herc will boglad toread: Charles J. KIntner of Ann Arbor Is the xpecial exiuniuer In charge of electrlcal lnvenllons In the pateut office. Klutner is a very young man, hiivlng gradualed only a few years 'gout tfie univ.rsity of Michigan, and advancement In the patent office has been very rapid. He wan for a long time o e of the examluers, and a year or two ago wa made chlef clerk of the offloe. Tbis wa not a place wherehlH special knowledgeof palent law could be brought luto play, no he accepted the vaoancy in tbo cbief ezamlner'8 list, and ha kept It Hince He ha charge of the appllcatlons for all inventlon In eleotrlclty. and havlng made the subject a study he Is (jiilto au expert In hls line of dutles. KIntner Is a marrted man. but flnd time to devote himHelf to boatlng matter outslde of office Imurs. Hi lx a leadlng member of the Columbla boat club, whloh Is the strongost of the many district club. They have won overthlny victorie in hotly oontested races slnce U'elr organlzttlou, and In every cas wben the senior four canoe out anead "old Kellable KIntner" has been In the boat. He Is a large man, standing uliout slx teel, flrmly built, and welglis wben tralned down to ruwing welght about 1ÍO pounds. HU dutlei at the patent office cali for a man of very i Igh order of abillty and one wlth legal know edge. KIntner ha botli, and for hls services recelves 82,401) per uiiuum. Special progrtmtne to be giren by the Webster Literary Society of the Law dcpartnicnt, Thursday evening, in room 24, north wing : Piano Solo. "Grande Variatlous d'un alr"dear Komeo et Julia.". Belllni Mrs. H. Clothier. Addrssi by the President. Mr. J. O. Maltby. Bas Solo, "The Raft." Cairo Pinauti iMr. E. h. Mooney. Declamatlon, " Parrbasius and the Captivo." Willis. Mr. M. F. Healy. Qulntette, " tn Sllent Mead." Emenon Qulntette. Oratlon, " Recent Reforras In Uoverunient." Mr. Charlen Dresbach. Duet for Mezzo-Soprano and Baritone. "Io Vivo e'T'Amo." F. Campana Mrs. R. G. Havlland and Mr. Orln Cady. Debate. Question -Resolved, That TradeUnlons Promote the real interest of the Worklngmen. Afflrmatlve, Miss Msry Gelgus. Negatlve, Mr. H. J. KUlllea. Qulntette. "We Roet away on the BUlow gay." Emerson Qulntette. THE CALENDAR. Tuig publication, which has been issued from the Coukier presses, was completed yesterday. There are 198 pages in the book and the contenta show an extremely prosperous condition of the university, though the continual raisingof the standard bas diminished somewhat the number In Rttendancc. The suramary shows 1295 studenU in attendance apon all departuienta. Of this number 644 are frora Michigan, Obio has 122, Illinois 100, Indiana 65, New York 60, Pennsylvania 52, Iowa 32, Kansas 23, Minnesota, 28, Wisconsin 19, Missouri 13, California 9, Massachusetta 9, Nebraska 8, Kentucky 7, Colorado, Utah, Maine 6 each.Vermont 5, Arkansas 4 Connectlcut 4, N. Carolina 4, Montana 4, New Hampshire 4, Oregon and Texas each 3, Dakota, Georgia, Misfissippi, New Jersey, Washington Territory, and West Virginia 2 each, District of Colnmbia, Idaho, Maryland, Tcnnessee, and Virginia 1 each. Of the foreign countries, Ontario furnishes 25, Japan 4, New Brunswick 3, Ilawaiian Islandsand Nova Scotla 2 each, África, Armenia, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Manitoba, New Zeland, Province of Quebec, and Scotland each 1. In the literary department there are 524 students, in the medical 334, law 262, Pharmacy 66, homeopathy 34, and dental college 80. On the last page is given the offleers of the various alumni associatious of the university: The librarle contain an aggregato of 49,500 volumes and 10,020 unbound pamphlet- to which added tbc recent gift of C. H. Buhl, of Detroit, making 54,500 volumes at the present time.


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