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That we have had quite a spell o: weather for a couple of weeks. That there is a certain caterer to tlu public in this town who says he "don'l care a about newspaper.'1 Il wouldn't take over ten words from any one of them to make him "madder than a hornet." Tliat all is not hariuony iu the ranks ol the party in power. That the doctors are the busiest class ol people in the county, at present. That the Washtenaw delegntion to the state convention to be held to-day at Lansing, is an extra good one. That Prof. Wm. J. Herdman will be a candidate for mayor again this spring upon the prohibition ticket. That the only way to have good men elected to office is for the good men to attend the primarles and sec that good men are nominated on all sides. That the co-op. war is oyer. That the newspaper man who gets-up a lively paper these days must have a lively imagination. That the price of oranges and apples will be about eqiial before a long time. That as a party the republicans were never more harmonius and determined than to-day. That a number of our people expect to visit New Orleans when Taylor & VVngner's excursión goes. That Thos. Kast lent his genius to a poor cause last fall, but nevertheless his "lecture" will be well worth going to Priday even ing. That the "ager" is shaking up some of our citizens badly. That the student's committee upon the gymnasium have shown themselves practical workers and have shrcwdly workcc for the best interests of that scheme. That there are many poor In this clti who need assistance yet. That the pioneers had a splendid time at their meeting In Chelsea Wedncsdaj last. That some of our street crossings migh bo made more passable for pedestrians by having the mud and filtli hoed off them. That had the co-op. war continued it might have been necessary to have introduced the salvation army to our city. That the man who will invent a railroad scat which only one person can occupy, and the K. K. that first adopts the invention, will be a friend to hunianitf.


Ann Arbor Courier
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