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I THE AO ARBOR SAVIES BANK, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPJTAL, $B0,000. Orcanlzed nnder the General Bankine Law of thls State, the stockholaors are indhHually liabie tor an addltional amouut eq nal to tbe sto k held by them.therebycreatinjj a Uuarantee Fund for thé beneflt of Depositara of $100,000.00. Taree per cent. Interest Is allowed on all 8vings Deposita of one dollar and upwarrtp, aceordine to the rnles of the Dank and Interest comp unded serm-annnally Mouey to Loan on unincumbered real eslate and other good securlty. DIRECTORS : CHRISTIAN MACE. WM D. HAKRIMAÍJ, W.WW,NES DANIEL 11ISC00K, W ILLIAM PKCBEL, WILLAKu B. SMITH. OFFÍCERS: C. MACE, Pré. W. W. WINES Vlcc-rres C. E. niSCOCE. f Jashler. ' Wtentionfarmérs 500,000 ACRES OF FIRST-CLAS3 TIMBER LAK DS IN NORTHERN WISCONSIN, For Sale on Easy Terms to Actual Settlers. Rlch solí- healthful cllmate -good dilnklim water- Que mHrket faclllties- stearty dcmand lor i.i' or at ood wnes N0 DROUGHTS, NO GRASSHOPPFR PLAGUES, NO CYCLuNtS, Vuil ïnrciriiiallon. wllh tnaps pamplilets, etc furnlsheil Fkke. Address CHAS. JL. (OlillY Land Cnm'r. W. C. R. K,, Milwaukee. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S lliïljiïll AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, Por Whulesale and ReWil Tr .de. We shall also keep a cnpply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi Flour, Kje Flour, Buek whcat Flour, Corn JMc-al, Feed, ütc , At Wholesale and Ketail. A Keneral stock of GROCERIES ana PR07ISIÜNS Conelaiitly on hand, whlch wlll he sold on as reasonahle terms as at any other n the cit . rah paid for BUTTBR, EQG-i, and COÜNTKY PRODUCK generally Gooil d-üverfd to auv art of the cuy wiih.iut extra charge. RIXSEY & SEABOLT. "TTIT rf')r worklne people. 8 nd 10 cents Iliio-Uïf, and we wlll mail you frti a I pi rroyal, valaahle i-ample box o g.i.ids JJJJJi ihatwill iint yon io ihe ay oi m.iklnir more money In a íew day t hun on ever tbopght pnseible Kt any business. Cipial not requlied. You can live al home :nd ork i spare urne only, or all tbe time. All of both rxea, of all age, grandly succcmiuI. 60 cents to 15 easily earned Terv evenlns. Tliat all who want frk may test the bustneps, we raake thin nnpaialled offer: To al! who are not well ihfled we ill end $1 lo pay for the trouble of writiiig ni. Full anicnlars, dlrections, etc, eenc free. Immense ay absolntely tnre for all ho start at once. .nn't elay. Addres Stinson & Co., Portland, Malnc. HUPTURH! . EGAJÏ'8 IMPERIAL THU8S. m Tbts d Trun bks a sptrai 'pring mnd osidi' Wy ATCD CltMl'U ; jiJd Lu avery motiou, itUmlnt JT tb br-tii ilwsvi. Worti ilafhiid nipJit wiib rom Wfc fort. fwntonTrUi. EocIom Suunp forCIrcuW. V Ued In both UntTtnlty Hwpitol. EQAH'S IMPERIAL TtUSS CO.. Box 2188, Ann Arbor, Mkh. Office, HamlltoQ Block, Ann Arbor.


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