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' 'Xoreiuac," the pedestrian, having a few days ago complcted his taak of walking 51 miles a day for 100 days, the Chicago later Ocean Veuiarks that "he might hav accomplished more good for humanity b) shovelingsnow." (Hher jouruals iudulg in similar reflections. Tliia is a very ancient fling against amusements, as wel as against feats of physical strength am endurance. Tlie boys and girls might do more good for humanity, it is saiil, bj sawing wood and wasblng dishes than iu gliding down hill or skating in a rolle rink. It would do better service to man kiud, it is urged, to spend the same tiin ín useful labor rather than in dancing But "Noremac"' want walking for "hu manity," he was walking to earu $2,000 and the youiig people dance and skate for their own amusement, and not for "humaulty." Besides, it is unquestionable that amusements do benefit ¦'human ity," in just so far as they uiake üfe mor pleasant, manners more courteous, mik character more cheerful and kindly-dispoeed in young people. Solemn visage, au nnending grind of work and "duty," perpetual moralizing, melancholy, and morbid devotion to utility, are depiesing and injurious.and are worsefor humanity than abundance of cheerful amusements and athletic sports.


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