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A Scientist And Philosopher

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"I hb nebber befoah dun noticed," re marked a venerable colored gentleman to a bystander at the menagerie, the othe day; "how much the monkey 'sembles de white man. I 'spects at some time wai back in de mi.-ts ob antiquity, prob'ly ii de eplzootic siliiriuu epoc ob de universe and befoiih de primordial sumís ob de great original cliao3 had 'sumed deir warious present modific .tions, dat de monkey must had eboluted from de white man. In dis view ob de matter I'se 'ware dat I differ from de views ob de scientigts dat de white man eboluted lrom de mon key. Bilt dey i9 all wrong. Now it am a indisputed axium dat one thing cao' come out ob modder tliiog unless it am liret in dat thinfj. Now if de scientists am rljrht, what 1 want to know am dis de monkey bein' so much smaller dan de ¦white man, how de wliite man eber go


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