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T3THE OHLY TRÜE QTONIC M ¦ lato the LIVER aml KIDNEYS. ""¦ umi RCRTOIU THE HEAI-TH Rgk and VIGOK of YOTJTH. lysYi ¦& pepsla, Wsnt of Apptítlte, lilT-w Wi digestión, l.ark üt ütrriigth, v;;f & iKlTlredFc-clliigabsolutely 'V"V Hk cure). lïones, imiscli'5 and KiiHvciis tlio nilntl and -_ simiilies ltrain Fowfr. hAUl HO peeullurto thi-lrsi-x wlll fi-id In DR. HAKTEK'S IRON TONIQ b rata and peedycure. lüvcs adrar, hoaltliy complexión, luent atti'inptK at CKiinli-rfHtlng onlyadd lo thenopnUrltyortha original. Do uot experiment- gcttho OeIOIKAL am) ISkst. (Send youraddrepstoThel'r. HortrMn o.V Kt., Mc, for onr "DKEAM EOCK." I l'uiloi atraojce and u&eful lofonnation, lree. A Dangerotis Case. ? Rochestkr, Jone I, 188á. 'Ten Yea-s ago 1 was attackrd with toe most Intense and deathly palug In iny hack and - Kidneys." " Extending to the end of my toes and to mv braln ! " Which made me dellrlous I " Frotn agony. "It tonk three men to hold me on my bed at times ! "The Doctors tiied in valn to relieve me, hut tu nu purpose. Miirjhtine nnil othtr Opiates "Had lic effect ! '¦Aller tWO inoiitlis I was given ui to diei " Wii en my wife lieard :i neighbor teil what Hop Bitters bad done for her, sbe it once got and gare me some. The tirst dose eased my bralo and seemed to go bunting through my system for the puin. Th aoood dose eascd me so much that I elept two hüurn, eoiniMhlug I had not done for two mootha. B'Hre I hnd wsid flve bottlen I wbb well and ;it work as hird aa an inau could, tor over tn wc. kn; hut I workud to hard for my strergth. and luking a hard coid I wks t ikiMi with the most and palnlul rheumaijm uil through my system ihat ever was known. "I Ciïlted the doctors again and atter Beveral ¦¦ks, tnpy left tne a cripnle on crutchee for lire, h Uiej said. I meta frleurt and told him my case, nnd hc stüd Hup Bitten had curad him andwould care me. I poohed at him, but he was so earuest 1 wus mdneed to use them uraln. In less 'tien four weeks I threw away my crutchea ona went to work llghtly and kopt on uatngttie liittcrs for üve weeks, nnttl I became as well as any man llviug, and have been so for six yeurs ilaofl. It bas itlso cured mv wife, wbo liad been riek for yenrt; and bas kept lier and my chiWren, well and bealthy with from two to three bottlc per year. Tbere is no 'leed lo be siek at all if these bitters are used. J. J. BxbIh ex-Supervlor. I "That poor invalld wife. " Sister ! " llotherl " ()i il:uii;btor ! "Can be mude the picture of health I " With a few bottlea of Hop Iütters ! ¦ Wtll you kt them suffer? " {ST'Stnx' gennlne wUboota bunch of green Hops on tiit-wliiti' htbet. Slum all the vile, poisoDoas, stuit with "Hop" or Hops" In their name. Soms one Buya: " NTo tboroughly occupieil man was ever miserable." We don't know abont that. A llea up the trousers leg cao Keep a man very busy atul very miserable. For Cuida, Cmiip. Asthnia, Bronchitis and 8ore Throat use Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil, nnd ijii the etuiih . " Do you believe In cremation ? " "Certainly not." " Give me your reason for nol farorlng it." " Well,' we are so often reduced i hushes at our hoardlng-honse, we are tlred of it." Try It Yourscir. The proof of the pudding is not. In clie.wing tbc Itrlng, bnt in having an opportuniiy to tiv the artlcle yourself. Eberbach & Son, the Drugists, have a free trial bottle of Dr. Bosanko's Cough and Lunjf Byrup lor i ach and erery one who is affi'cted with Coughg, Colda, Asthma, ConBUtnptlon or any Lung alieetion. " If you love me," said a dcar creature, "sayso; but if you love me and don't want to say so, squeeze my hand." OPIUM HABIT! SniTeiTT from this pemiciomt htbit witl do well to writ tn DR. MAlLsll, nf ijnliify, Mlrh., uho tías a wrlil m,18 rcpulatin fcf thecurctho lias ruado dunng the pt tweln ma. Th min poinfs to be conmiutiieatni ro tho pnMnt Bt.i f hffatth, leiiuth of tuin uset, umi iircïonttmowntof drutivtd ptr nwk. Baaltnrh.Mi Trpdtniíiit when denirl. ieuá f.r ttimonil from twdiug vbjuciiun and reprvscoutivo imu nwX wumtn curd. ES V I-yïn(t Afwuti etn't SET.T.und t ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦H th tmüi ftbout JONKS Tut your ¦Bi $60.5 TON IVHM WAGON SCALES. ¦ 1 fl Bc&tn Box. Trf Bram. FrcisM ¦ V m ¦ 11 Puiil. Ftm Pricc Lint Erery 6ize. (baUUU aUJr JOKES CF BIN32AÍÍT017, ¦¦¦¦Ij BINQUAilTON.N. Y. Obtained in the United Statei and ForeignCoun. triei. GEO.H.l.OTHBOP, 70 Crl.wol." su, Detroit, fflieb.


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