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ftOY4i (f R0YALI5iJÏ Ij B AKlH6 POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder never vnrles. A marvel of purlty, strengt hand wliolesomeness. Moreeconnralcal Innn tbaordlnary klndi, andcanuot b" s KI in oDiiii el il ion with the multltudenl É..w (--!. -¦!,, t .-ii.-t,i. .iltiiii UI (ilioaphnto mly ' n cans Roïai Bakimg l'iiwraii Co., 1W! Wall SI. N. V ËCZËMA! And ErerySpecfM of Itchln "¦¦'I Dul" in itisoaac.- rositively Cured. ECZBXA, or Salt Iihenm, with Ita aeonizing itchíul' md burniu2. inntantlv reüeve.J by a warm iut with CüTioura Soap, and a sinile applicatiou of CtmonBA, the grett bkln 'nre. Thn repeated diiiy, uiih two or Ihree ilnï of Cuticura Re -oiv mr, New Hl k1 Puriilcr, to keep the blood Ooo), tbs perapiratlon aure and uuirrittuiniï, the bmreN open, the llver nnrt kidnevs octlve, wlll y curti kizem , Tetter, Ringworm, P-oriai-;-, Llchen, Prurltna, Sculd Head, Dandruff ard evury ppecl sof Itch nir, Scaly and l'iiuply Humorg of tlio Sculu aud Skin, whuu the bent physicians and all knovsu m tafl. Wlll .tlrUouald SM3 üearhorn H., Chicago, ífrHtefully ackuowk-diíes a cure of Kczema or Sa!t liln-uin on huid, inck, face, arma aod ega Cor ciívc? tean yearf ; not able to w-tlk except on hmndn atl'l knnes hu )ear ; Dit able to hclp hiInef for eih: yeftra ; uied hundreriH of remedie:; doc tor- pr-mnniced htoCMe hopeles-j ; pt'rmaneutly manently cnred cured bv i uticuiia Hesolvknt (rilood pnrifier) internaily, and t'UTicirhA and CutíctiitA Hoap (tbe great ekin curee) exterually. Charles Hongkton, i:-q., lawyer, 28 State Strt-et. tiotton, ie .ortd a cau ut .-'alt Hheum under tuB oiiBt-rvaiion for ten yoarg, which covered tbe pareni'e body and limbt. anl to whích all known meihods of treaimi-nt had been applied without heui lit, tth'i'h wnB completely cured solely by the Citicuba üemedies, leavii.g a clean and healihy .-kin. F H. Drakr, Eq., Detroit, Mich., suffered nntolil n.r irom Kczema, which appeared on all hatidH, head and face, aud neariy destroycd his eyea Aitir the mo-t carelul doctorine and a constiltaiion of phyiciai e failed to relieve him, he aied the Cuticura BliIDtn, and was cured, and lias rematned so to date. Mr. John Thlel, Wilkcsbarre, Pa., writes : "I tuve a ffored (rom Salí liluuin for over niíht i. tlineüso IimI nial 1 could not attend to i ii v iMi-ini m f ir wn-kí at a time. Three boxes of DTicuHA and four hottles of Hhjolvïnt have entlrely cnred me of thln dreadful dieease." Sold by all drufrüist-. Pricc, Cuticnra, 50c; Besulveat, ti. Pottíb Dhlu and Cukmical Co., .oston. Maet?. Hend for 'How to cure Skln niseane" HBCUItA 8AP, an exquisito Toilet, Bath, yUU and Nur.'erj' Sanatfve. CATARRH That pure, wee', safe, and effective American cllutllation of Witch-IIazel, American Pine, Canada Fir. Mariirold, and Clover-Blonsom, called Sanford's Hadical Cure lor Catarrh, wlih one box C'tarrhalSolvent oneSandford'slmproved Inha'er, all in one package, may now be had of all druif giwts. foi fl. Ask for Sandfoi d's Radical Cure. Ci. tupíete Ixcil and Constitutiorjal Treatment for ¦ rTJ lorm ol Cataaih. from a Simple Cold or Influenza to lona of mell, taste, and Hearing, Connh. Bronchitis, and Catarrhal Consamption, Id uvery packager Clerjrymeiii Vocnilst, And public speaker without number owe their present nseiuiness and success to santoud's Radical (titr. lor Oatabbb. Hev. Dr. Witn 8as: "One of tho beet remedle 'ir ( ataarh- nay, the bent remedy we have inuiiil in a lil'etime of eufl'erlng- íb Sanfobd'? Radical Cuhe. It clears the head and throat r-o thoroui-'iily that, takii g each morning on risiiiB. tbere w na dlugreeafile "awklne during ihe entire day, bnt au unprecedented clearnesB of volee aud teai Irutory organs." bold by all druggisti;. i'iice, 1:00. lotr IruK and licmioal i o., Boston. _"! I fRin. We rysuff' rcr from Hhen Cyh_" maiism, euralgia, Weak V0LTAlCg5EUCTIUauI,1 ,.,ldBi Wl.Hk Backi Ji . -.r-O Weak Stomnckand Boweii lSTfcv Dyspepeia, Female Weak nefl, siiootintr paíne throueh the loinB and back, iry thene piaster. Pleccd over the pit of the Stomsch, they prevent and care Ague Puin. Bili"U- Colic, Lfvr comnlaint". and protect the ystem Irom a thoueand lile. 2&c. BUililII : A IIEALTHY AND EXCITING EXERCISE Can bc had clurincr the winter month by playlng TEN PINS, COCKEÜ HAT, Or any of the games of a bowling alley. On hoi urn si iti:nr, oppuite the Court Huuae, 1 Bowling Alley, whlcli ha rccently been fluely (iecorated and fltted up in guod style. PATRONIZED BY THE BEST PEOPLE. Student here can (?et one of the best advsntace of a gymnasium. The exerciae clveK ood rlrculiuion, belps dlgestiuu and Sppetlle. CUME AND TRY 1T! A. C. IILINS A CO. ATn-xrTT1 Sond ix cents for postage. I 1 1 and receive free, a costly box r R I f h of RO'1 which wlll help yon I I I ƒ ILJ.tomorfmoneyrightawaythan All, of cliher íp.t. Mice.-ed from ret honr. The hioid roadlo fortono opens belore the worker, ainolutely suru. At once addree, Titaï Co., Angnf, Maino.


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