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miisdaic is öiscussing tlic water works quebtion. A roller rink closed up at Cadillac for WSDt of patronage!! A prophecy from a sallor tliat the strajts will be open April 28tli Mrs Elizabeth Fox ol Minne City died the othër day 102 years old. Grand.R:ipids has given up builjinar " the tinest rink in Michigan. Grand Rapids to keep up its rapid name, has iiiveiileii progressive "8even up " North Brauch wants to have u cheese factory. The people would like to clieut-e A Tfcumseh-ite who moved to California a year or so ago, is anxious to come back ïifain. Cadillac votcS on bonding the ciry for $35,000 t help ihe T., A. A., & N. M. R. R., town ineetin' day. The late Willard Dodge, of Kal imazoo. èmvcs $40,000 to the Michigan Fem.iliSeminary, ot that cily. A groceiy clerk at Bay City, drew $75,000 ni a lottery the other day. It m.iy be a curse to bim alter all. John B. Minnix, a Marquette repubücan, is to retain his poslUon as P. M. G. Villas' private secretary. A stock company is preparing to build n hotel and bath houses at Long Lake, a resort about 14 miles from Flint. A outn near Grand liapids fed his hogs bar room slop,-, nu1 the stuff killed 28 of iliem. ïoo much even f. - ¦ nog. A re-u n ion of the G. A. R. postó of the eonlral portion of thestate isto be arranged ïor ,t Jackson some time In August. At the rt.cent election in Howell the republi -ans m.-.iip R clean sweep of all tlie offices. A thing way ever done before. A manufactoiy at Battle Creek turns out 10,000 crayons per day. Batile Oivekeis ought to inake thelr mark, hadn"t they ? The lei.slature proposes to investi"ate the doings of the late military board of Oov. Bejjole's in respect to the iniliian cloth it bought lor the boya. At Bronson the liquortax pays all expenses of the villaje govcriiiiienC and some funds left. Yet the people of tliat vill.ige propose to enforce the local option law, and stand taxution. According to the new book of atatUtlcs Sfiied by ex-piesuk-nt Wnolsey, of Yale college, Kent county grants more divorecin proportion to populatlon, than any other place iu the United States. A sunimer resort item in the winter : Cliarlevoix people were treated to a iemarkably distiuct niirnge last Saturdny, ihowing the shore of Greea Buy peninsiila, Wis., neMly 100 miles distant. E. P. Ferry who is spending alitile time in Grand Rapids, saya ll, )mtlier, the ex senator, who is now " doing" Norway and Öweden, is entirely recovered i health, and will return home in May or Jane. The Jnck8on Citizen says that a tunnel, similar to the one througli wliich the six prisoner8 escapcd, was commenced lü years ago by convicts at the same spot. It would seem that spot would have been a good place to watcn. In answer to the state department question : " Has wheat during February suffered from any cause ?"" 17 correspondents iu the soiithern four tiers of counties answer yes, and 538 no. The wheat iields are yet well covercd with snow. Atid now Detroit will have a regular tear up, from the top of its head to the tip ot its toes. The new postofflee building bill having been passed, though the perfiíteney of Messrs. Palmer and Maybury, f000,000 appropriated for the erection nil thequestion of a new site opened up, there will be pulling and hauling, jaming and banging, gathering storms of great wind, exploaionsof gas, contentions, strifes, etc , etc., all about the questiou as to where the building shall be located. It won UI eeem to au outsider that the locatiou should be where there is plenty of loom.


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