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Your faces aro veiy fomilUr, f;..ntlcmcii, iM.tas i bvlong to administralion iow I dont kiiow that. ii wouJd be iropi-r ror me to have much to say. I rejoloe to-day iu one tliing, a'id thiit s iliat the mujority ot tbe j,colc ol the sute of Michigan are representeü ín a onvention that is not "iijy Imrmnutoui-, Intelligent and Barnest, bulas lully iiubiied wiiJi tlic inioi tunee ot the maiutenanre of ju me il.-9 of Lhe repliblicaii pany as uny cnivention thal ever met in Ib il state. W.; come tere, my friends, to-day out as paitisans but we boom hui e reoreaenlinïa inij.iiiiy i( the pei.le uf tbla stale. It is the people'f convention, and it has pre.-ented i tietet to tlie poopiti el tfaU Mate mi uuexoeplluiiable that 1, liere and now, precliet th.Ét 75 per cent. of ihose wlio leit us last liill under Hih ü.i uf prolllbltlon will return, and that at lrat 4U per erntnf mr Irieuds tlie enemy, to wit: ilie democratie party will vote witli us. That will place lu iu power by about 1(30 per cent. My ftieinls, have liad a reuiaik ble ex hibition in thís rountry tliiá montli, au uxhibition wliich ha ratifi.d me exceediugly, as a citizen of thli republlc. and wmle the criticism of my friend Kiazer was jiut, perhaps, as to Uu p-g-o..„.rv, CfOÖ,UOO ut peuplu c.m n the space ol au luitir changu lts raten and do it quintly anil orderly. [Applause.] That is owiug to the t.iet, my friends. that th.g N.itioci, wüich was an experiment is no longer au experiment, becaiise the people, with tberepublican party a. a representative ot the people, has demónstrale! to thiir own salisraction, and the satistaition of this workl, that .-uch a Nation as a republic can exUt, and Lii-cause ot the long reiLU ui the republican p.irty in this countiy, biinging with it nneznmpled pios.penty, brlnjdug with it peace and the will uf evt-ry min, wuincn, :ind clnld who deservea to live in the Nallor - it is becauseof that uaity and what it h .s itoue tiiat we to day slaud the modil goverument ot' the world, tlie admiratlon uf mankind. And that party wbioh Ims done so mueh, has done it because it bas kept itsili close to the bearts of the people; anti because one cloild has veneu oeiwixi us aml the sim it does Hot follow ihat ihe cloud s to eclipse the sun. Ou lile 16th day ot ihis montll Iba DJOOD II pass beuveen the sun and tlieearlh aml cause au vclipse; but v liut mm is t iele ihat believus lliat God Aliptyhtv Liite tlic mooi. in its place. We will bc tiiilient and t lic eclipse will pasi away. Applause.] My Iriend-, there isunntliertliing abnut tlus ureat purly to vvliich jou and 1 belong. It i : It lias taiijjlitourfrieiiils, the eoemy, the g'reut lweoii tlmt loynlty to coiiulry 8 the only test ihat the American people will aiply. It hus tuogbt iliein this lesson so tlioroughly ihat Pieri(Jent Cleveland in bis inaugural ueMMge (whicü in itselt was a model) has tnliuwed in the fuotsteps of the repablirun pMrtv altUOSt every step he took. [Applausf.] And wuerever lie followed in the foot¦tf p Of the repiibliean party in tlial inauguial, lie was rijilit. [A)plause.] And at the very points Ilial he follOWbd tlie lepublic.iiis, the party ihat pui hlui Into into power is kicking, viz.: the offleet, They diil not undi r.-laml it ut uil M he did. He leained it wtll trom the luw and the practice Uut the repnhlican party In d mude law in this country, and wc bid him God speed, aml as your presiilent and mine, and as the president ot the jrreat reu lic of the World he will be backed in all tliat is rirht by firandest paity the world ever s.iw. [Ureat appltiuse.] And il' it becoines necessary there i. trouble between tlie president of the United Otates and the paity whicli put lihn in power; the republican parly, hoiiest and intelligent, will earefully weigli the merits and tlie of that coniest and will stand by tlie president KKolllll tlie parry thal uudeitakes to rille lli its old-tiuie way. We live in an astonishin}; nge, in a country whion only 20 years tfCO was in tlie tuinioil and ihi'nei of a civil w.ii', nheii mmy of yuu men here stoud upon hatlle lieKU and faced tlie ouliDon of the enemy. I eay it is a niaiveüous thlng Ihat tliis country has been so tlioronghiy governed that nuw after a lapse ot 20 years we can take men who stood apon tlie otuer ide and safely entiust tin ui with power in the cabinet. And yet tin y U tliat the republican party is a'-sectional' party. It has made it pottihle for rebels to live in this country. We are nut seitionnl, we are natioual, and the party has einbraced Ihe nailon, and the lirst, truits of (tlat paity ander a democratie admtiifotratioD ihowu by the fact thal that gieat party aeqniesstes in its aclion when it allons molí who undertook to destroy the iruveiiuin-iit to occupy peucetully aml rijrhtfully the place to which they are called. Vis, fifenl lemen, you and and 1 need not be ushnuied, never, of what the npublican party dnne. But let us while we live sec to it that it does nothinj; that shall Impalr or mar its brilliant record which is tod ay historical ; and lel us teach to our children those principies so Ihat when the] come to vole they will in turn perpetúale the reigu and tne glory of that party which is the glory of the country. [Apphuise.]


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