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At tlie head of Uu t-i...., TCn be tena me pvcvn imi éiiI .- -i -onhlicuns iu convention at Lansing, on Wednetday of laat weck. The renomination of Judge Cooley was a forepone conclusión, anti gives general satisfaction to the party. The nominees for regent?, Charles Smart Draper, of East Saginaw, and Aaron V'. McAlvay, of Mauistee, are both excellent. Both are gradiiates of tlie university, bolh comparatively young men, and bolh huve energy and perseverancc, ;md will m;ike of this short campai;ii n vt'iy lively one. Tlieci'nvéiilioiiilself wasa remarkably fine body of men. The party sent its best jvpresetitütive?, and the very air about it was proplietic of victory. Br tiie constant clamor orer Ann Arbor wickedness and Ann Arbor drunkenness, and Ann Arbor immorality by a class oi agitators in tbis citj-, who have kept up the clattcr for ye:rs, the people throughout the state have come to think Ann AIUUJ et liníuvi il cuuviuj, o tuuuciibiailv. of all the wickedness and purecussedness in the whole state. While the hones trutli is that there isn't a more moral, better beliaved cominuuity in Michigan, i indeed obo can be found in the nation, taking luto consideiation lier population The best ladies of the city walk our streets at any hour of the evening without fear of insult, and often attend the many loctures, concerts, and various other entertainments unaccompanied by gentlemen, and return to their homes alone in perfect safety. Is there another place in Michigan of 10,000 inhabitants that can truthfully saj this? We don't believe there is. The young men who come to Ann Arbor to obtain an education are not doek wollopers, log runners, or cow boys Tlu'y are usually f rom good families, anc are not bere in quest of means to gratifj their senses or their lusts, but are here to study, and ohtain a knowledge of books and the protissions. Thcy are usuallj the cieam (mentally) of the land They are young men who are ambitious to be somtbo iy in this woild, to makc their mark upon the scroll of fame, and well they know that their object can not be accomplished by inüulging In drunkenDess and debauchery. Tlieie are exceptions, to be sure, but the exceptions are rare. The great mass of the students arecultured young gentlemen who have soine higher aim in lile thsD gnzzlinc; whisky, drinking beer or Intaltinx romen; and we claim that this OonstaDl ajiitatlon, this publishing to the world of every litlle thing that happens in the city, i.s i wmng, not only to the miiiluios .ind honor of the student commuuity, but to the good name of our citizens n l are supposed to sit idly by aud rIIow sucli unlioliiu'ss tobe pracliced, and the t : i f lame of our city besides. It ouglit to be stoppel!, for wliile t does n o ie any good, il works greutinjHry to our city and uur university.


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