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Ladles' Charitable Union

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At tlie annual meeting of the " Ladius' Chaiitable Union," of Ann Arbor, the f'ollowing oftlcers were elected for the ensuingycar: President- Mr. C'. A. Jaycoi. Icc t rueiueiib - mi o. riiu.bc ütoclc. Secretary - Mr. J. B. Miuer. Treasurer- Mrs. C. B. Audruwx. Krecntive Boa-d- Mr. Philip Bacu. Mrs. Berj Dy, Mi. Lucy Howe. Mra. P. L. bougbtoi), Mrw Maria Uilbert, Mre. J M. Wheeler. TARD CnMMITTK8. First ward- M' Gilben, Mrs. Ho-ghton. sm und ward - Mis. Bacb, Mra. ClArkson. Ttilrd ward- Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. Kathbone. Forth ward- Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Mlutr, Miss HenDing. Fifth ward - Mish Brotvn, Mrs. Geo. A. Donglas Sixth ward- Mrs. Stcele, Mrs. Balts. The following reports were respectf iilly submitted : secketary's report. Another year las passé d in the history of the "Ladies' Charitable Union," bringing greater changes imong its members tlian the preceding year. Since our last annual meeting death has eutered our society and taken two of 18 prominent originators, Mrs. D. S. Wood and Mrs. II. Gelston, names whlch will ever be held in grateful remembrance by many poor families in this city. Seveuteen years ago a company of noble christian women assembled in the Methodist church to organize the present "Charitable Union ;" of that large number of christian workersbut two are stlll active raembers, Mrs. Phoebe Steele and Mrs. Maria Gilbert, who Uave not grown " weary in well doing," but luive proved themselves faithful and true tothe principies of the constitution. During the past year ten regular meetings of the society have been held, with an average attendanceof sixteen ; and we close the record of the year with a inemberehip of lilty-nine, an increase of tweiity-four over the nuniber of last year. A much greater interest has been ïnanifested y persons who are not enmlled raeinben tlian previously; this s evident from the frequent contiibutions of money and gupplies which have been rrccived. Forty tour families have been assisted in varióos way?. One hundred and twcnty-eight charity calis have brei) made, and sccond-hand clotliinv valued at $77.25 has been distributed. Baskctof provifions from individunl, and from church fei-tivals, have frequently been donated to nredy families. The society isgre;itlv indebted to Messrs. Wines & Worden for an order on tln-ir store for $20 worth of dry goods; to Mr. Joc Jiicobs for fifty bushels of potatocs; to Dr. Stowell for a Cbeok for $15; to Mr. Nickels for frequent donations of fresh ineat for poor families; to Mr. Gooilspeed for liberal reduction in the ptice of shoes; ulso to other merchants who have mnde reduction in prices of HOdl purrhased for the society, and to Mrs. R. A. Beul for libei al conti ibutions; to Mis. Angelí and others who lmve thiough this society kindly remeuibcred the poor and destitute during the long cold winter. Amanda Hennino, Sec'y. ThKfURKR'8 BÏPO' T. For tbe j uar endln? Murch ', 1H&T. BECKIIT. From annual members f 63 00 From ThankSKlvlni? collectlon 53 4f From pecial donaiions 47 ï Balance lrom prevlous jear 16 66 $183 91 D eBCnSEHÜNTS. Pnld warrt commltiera Í139 17 Bulance cash tu new account 60 74 Í1S9 91


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