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(The following letter, w ritten by Dr. Miles D. Goodyear, to bis brotlier, J. J. Goodyear of this eltjr, we are pormittcd to copy '] Xow thal "Mnnli Gras" and its festivilies have passrd, 10 be recalled only perliaps when Lcnt again draws near, and fluds us amoujf the cold bilis of the nortli, instea'l of here in this land of sunshine, too find amusement simply in the groat expositlon whicfi li:is, and is attnotlng tbeattentioD of the whole north. A trip of flve miles by " mule expreas" aftcr havinjr walked, it may be, live squares for your bieakfast, is not very invttlng, ind yettho only two chances you Ii:ivc of convoyance between city and ftrouiuls ure Street ears and boat, and the foriner from its nearness and more jreneral punetualitT is tho one you would feel yourself using. Thecharae by car is unly live oents and thatof the boat is flfteen cents. Nearly every c:ir line in the city lands you in somo maaner at the jrrounds alter about nu hod, rand you bebold tlie "City Park," and from every available point are the numerous and extensivo building?, the flags of tho various states and nations whose produets or resources are dispUyed. I have undertaken to write of the Exposilion, and yet I feel myself but poorly prepared for the task, even r.ow- after hoving tor long wry days wandorcd up and down its acres of floors.througb its va. rious building. Aseach morningcanieon I found my8i'lf nuich more weary tlian it I were altending to the active duties ol my profession. I was amiifed thls erenIng when I took the car for my rooms, thinking how different now ray feelinjis than they were when I tirt cnuie liere days ugo, theu I thought I would try and UUj 9 ;-'i lUITlJ J. UlI'UgUt X n uuiu iij u look at every exhibit, if nothing more, and now I thought it not worth my time to step a eoapte of rods from my course to examine a mountnin in imitation of pure sil ver worth perbaps a hundred thousand dollars, which was there to be feeën. Tliere are four principal buildings Bll perbapa twenty-five secondary ones, aiu I might say that several of those embraced In the secondary cluss would ocoupy you time qolta protltably for days were you to butonce pass their contents in review Thoee wbo attended the Centennial wil at once recognizea similarity, even as you come tbrough the gate, whicli is guardei Kere, as there, with a turnetile at whicl you must have a fifty cent piece before you you must drop into the place of deposi with yourowti hand. Thusyou will per ceivo that the gatekeeper, here even, when so mueh lespeet is paid to " personal bon or," bas bis individual inclinationt guard ed from tainptatlou. We come into " Mu sic Huil." which lias a floor covering thirty-three acres, not coiintingthegallery which being perbaps twenly-live feetwide and passiug arouud ibe entiie buildings, doubles twice upon itself tbroiigh a por tion of the middlc. 'i'liis issaid to be the largest building in the WOrld ander ono roof. This is divided into compartments or rather space Is set oft" for the differen exhibitors, and tbey occupy it as to them seems most fitting to attract attention Some build beautiful cottages and sur round them witb flowers, while otber fence them and cover the floor with car pets. At these several spaces ofiimes you are requested to buy something as a sou venir of the Exposition, but roost general ly these venders you will find come fron tbc Holy Land, and as you are doubtlesa aware need Wiitehing. In this building you will find represented nearly eveiy industry - see machinery makiuir gpooli for thread. silk handkef chiefs, sewing thread, factory oloth, etc. etc, too numerous to mention. The fl:ig of mostevery nat ion hangs pendant bove its national department, and for you to understand tlie conversation you hear pass Ing you on one side or the otber, wouhl requirc au intellectual development of which öolomon might justly feel proud. Silver plated plows, and diamonds frora Soutl África, pumping engines fordeep mining and atomicen with which your ciothes are bathed in '-Florida Water," prairie trac tioii-engines in their great weiirht, ani the modern sewing machine, each holds its respective functions and calis to It tin iidmirersof that particular branch. Each piece of machinery is belted so that ii scems in seeming actual operation. Wouh you not enjoy wntcliing a ball of COtton, as ii e. me from the field, through the various processs which it unde ornes ani liave it presented you within a few min utes nicelv wound as thread npou a spool H jna cna not be amUMd in any other way you can find a space where you wil be invited toguess how many beans are In r three quartjar, and fat the close of the Exposition it is fon iid your guess comes nearest tlie number of any, some pa' entincdicine vender will pre-ent ynu with a clock. Did you ever think that you could not pass such a crowd withoutorroinj an opinión of how many beans there were and that the chances are you would express it to your compaiiion even though you did not mention it to this advertiwr and recelve bis card? I heard a man SRjr there were just 1800, and be seemed to know. 'J'hree afternonns per week. and Bnmetiiiics mote, the Mexiotn National Band, coinpoged of toBia Ifhty-fl ve membera as sifted by an accompaniuient on the largest oigan in the woild, dNcourses most beautiful muslo in the ct-ntei of this hall, where there are coinfortable seats for pérhupi twenty-tive liundred people. The U. S Government bas one lnrrc building in whicli is esppcially and indi vidually represented eiich state and its products md attractions. At the rei?ter of Mirhigan, while you might be entertained by ñnding orne familiar name,you would be disappointed to see its exbibit to complelely outdone by the new territory of Dakota,with a permanent populütion of perhaps one-tenth of your own, and pni(;it valuation of one two-hundredtb. 'I'I'C hnplements of war, the goverainenl curloaitlM bmught in by surveying partid and the equipments of the iMt Are tic expedilion, occupy a prominent portion of tliis dt'partment. The frontiersinan's cabin, the fue s-iinile of their mrans of travel by dogs and snowshoes In the oold regions, and tbc miners' home from Low8,iu tlie heart of tbe monntainsof the cast and west, becoinp of especial interest because of ibeir ndiniiti-il ti nthtiilness. This buüdii'güke Music Hall, covers acres and acres of groiind. and also has a galle i y ¦round t and all thoroughly tillnl witb entertainment. Tliese di'partment8 I have mentioned tbus briefly, oontain the representatives of the moie solld productions ofthe exhibit. As it bas been found impossible thus lar to catalogue these two depaitments fully, so you fanoy yourself in my position tryinjr to give a brief and intelligent review of the same. In llorticultural Hall you will lind the fiuits, flowem, and ginins of this and its adjoining sister rcpublic, Mexico. And in this connection I will say tliat Mexico bas displayed H wondcrful Interest in the success of this whole uiidertaking, viz: her band of musiclans is here for moi.tbs without any expense to the management; Hm bus one l.irge bulldinjr complete and is now fiiii.ibinif anotln-r Which is expected to cost nearly live hundred thous.ind dollars to her state, and her display scems as complete in every deparlment as it would have been were it their own Institiition. In tbc depaitment of fruits and flowers you tlnd the familiar apple of the nortb looking as attractive as the orange of t' e sotith. Did you know that the varlety of oranges were about au numerou as thoso of npples, and that while some are large and sour others aresmall and sweet, and vlce vcrsn, and that tbc sizc hi(l lltle to do with quallty. I have noticed It 0 be true, tliut ufter you o into the eoiinry of orangcs, and conscqiicntly lcave tlie one of ipples, tho lattcr lonk tlio best to you ; and when you aro permittcd to select one bolh boing the saino piice, you wlU nvariably take the uppie. Thus it is witti weet potatoop; st flret the chanjre sterns food.butsoonyou areonly tooRlad toget 1 (tood " old Iiïsh potato." I havo not mentioned the building de¦oted to Fino Arts, whcre Is perhaps ono of the flnest J?allcry of paintlngs In the vorld, or the ankers, or the Lui' Sarlng stMiion, or 0 Grand Rapld Furnttnre Pavillion.or the raanj other places of milor interest, but you can picture to yourself the completeness of tho Eiposltlon from wliat I have written. And when m your mind's oye you lócate their places of nterestin a paik wbero the llowers are ust budduifr, and the lawns just nicely tartinp, you can realizo ha uttractivcness to U8 northerners who read of snow-bouud trains and delayed mails from their own state. The Expo8ition is not a failure, but rather, considering its cost, a grent tuccess, and tenils only toward uniting the great extremes of our eoinmon country in their commou interest fi-oin whksh 110 sectional léellug as in the past can draw their attention.


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