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Diid- In Dexter vlllaee Jannary 80, "85, ol niembrarjoim croap, Ann 1' , yuuncru daugnter of Mr. and Mrs. Heury Phelp, ged 4 year and Bmontiis. A beantifnl chiM, gei erally kcown ae "lt.ibr," the parenis dellght, who made lrienus wherevtr knowu. Ibere Is an unoet-n twingini.' irati' The iwo great worlds tiividii g ; Outside, poor winner weep and wait- Insidt, are iiims abidln. How grim nd dark.a id dread, is seen 'I h ouiside of Death'e portiil ; Znside, it trlowin gold n thtren Deliuhu the yes immortal. Outside. the wlntry miy Hhriek Wi hhowlaud iamematlon ; Inside. me'odious acceote Bpeak 0 sprlng's regeneration. . Oulsidr, thiTc la the Mulé grave V a "baber who had just leeD dying ; Insidt, lts reet, winsjed nnd fltet, o'.r bilis of light are flylng. Oulside we hear a father's plalDt, And a moifcer's cry oathreakins ; Insidt le shuutln many a talnt. At Ibe saiDtly babe s new wakiog. Oulsidt, bereaved children weep ii'yr Imle Mips ri-trt'a Inu ; Instelt ihdr harp.atrings cherubs Bweep, The uew-born herub greetlng. Outside apon a croes of b ood, Hings üod's i-Ti-at Martyr, dying; Insidt, He reigos, &: d all liie train 01 angels hear liim cry ir g. Outsidt O mep, are üeath and Sin ; Insidt. ihe lire inmortal ; Fear not to let your iove ones in To Life Ibro' death's dark portal. Seiecti-d and adapted for Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phelpf, Dexter, Mich. Ank Aiibo i, Feb. Ï5.


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