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Next Saturday niglit at the opera house, the Ford English Opera Company, with that Sterling artilte Zelda Seguin, and a company of thlrty-flve people will produce the "Boheinian Girl," Balfres Charming Gypsy Opera, Zelila Seguin at the (neen, i role which she almost, indlvWually, created. Siie was for long time associated with Emma Abbott, abo with Parepa llosa and at one time with Caroline Richings. Mr. Ford brings to Ann Arborone of thebet of Operatic Companies, and we can assure you of a Musical treat you seldoni rot. The Ford company are playing thls week in Detroit. Zelda Seguin alone would íill the Grand Opera House Saturday even Ing, where she appears with Ford's Opera Company in the "Boheniian Girl," but tliere are other stars in tho company, as follows: Telula Evans, Prima Donna Soprano, Maude Baker, Mezzo. Sydney Estabrook. 'ind Soprano. Tenors: Geo. W. Traverner, Thos, P. Chrlety. Bassos: Webster Norcross, Luigi Carlberg. Jas. G. Peaks, Baritone. Geo. W. Donham, Buftb. The opera of the "Bohemias Oirl" io too vi-oll for US tO cxpcill] time in telling about it. It is onc ot the most popular ever put npon the stage, and as it Is so seldon that sueh talent is broujilit out in Ann Arbor, it is certaln the efforts of the manager will be appreciated and the house fjlled. Secure jrour reserved seats early if you wish to obtaln a good one. Reserved seats eecured at Boughton's postolliee news depot. rTRM8, A Iadié8' polo club will be an attraction at the rink before lonr. The rink will be open afternoons and evenings during vacation week. The second grand carnival at the skating rink is unnounced for April 8d. Kezt Friday evening the Ann Arbor polo club play agai st the Detroit Liglit Guarda. The ladies' orange and bouquet race did not come off as anuounced, Frkhiy evening last. In the Speedwell & Sewell combination four men ride one bicycle. How's that for cumulative riding? The Speedwell & Sewell Bicycle and Holler Skating Combination is to frive three exhibitions here on the 23d, 24th and 25th. The third of the series of games between the Detroit Light Guard and Ann Arbor polo clubs Friday evening. It will be worth seeing. The New York Minor bas the following pleasant paragraph in reference to one of Ford's Opera Company, which is to appear at the grand opera house Saturday eveninsr, next : "Tellola Evans, once Lula Evane, the petite soprano of the Ford Opera Company, is rapidly advancing in her professlon. She is not only a sweet singer, but a fine actress as well. Miss Evans receives marked attention fiom the provincial critica, who, without exception, sound her praises.'1 From the Michigan erop report of March lst, wc find the coiulition of live stock in the county it tliat date as follows: Horscs 100 per cent. cattle i)7 sheep95, swiueHH. Tliecondition of w heat on the ground was reported as excellent. The depth of snow durloff Pebruary was 10 inches. No. of busliels of wheat inarketcd during Febiuary Ü7.4S4 busliels, 10 out of 20 milis and elevatois reportlng. Among the corresponde nee quoted is the followinj;: From .1. Austin Kcott, Ann Arbor, Watenaw coiinty- Weoaunot teil how inuen tln apple buds are Injured untll the frosiisout of thern, still my Impresslon Is tliat oiily the tenderer varletles are lnjured, and there Is prospect at pn sent fora mlr erop. The pcar fruit buds are lujured moreor less, acvording to t he variety. The peach buds n e nearly all killed. There inay be a few liardy seed llngs Uve Eiirly cherry fruit buds probably artfkilled, but Hiere Is hopo ofthu uoinnion gour variety. blackberrlea and nwpberriM of the hardy varleltes are most y alivo, but tender varleties, such as the Lnwton aiul Kittatlnny, are killed. Strawberrles ure all rtgit as yet. Krom Jacob Ganzhorn, tnn Arbor, Waslitenaw county- The fruit prospect lor thls year, so fnr as H ray have been affectcil I the winter, presenta the follnwIiiK outlook or lndlcatlons: Apples appear unn.Jured. The peach buds are eotlrely destroyeil., and thIastyear's growth of wood consldi ,-rably inJured. The uext ïmportaul fruit erop lu our county Is that ofsmall frultH, and as yet they promise well. The Concord (rape leemito haveoome through unliiut, that Is, tbe bud re well matured and the wood ia good. Sweet cherry buds aregone. The oommon Morellos seein to be all right. fruit buds appcar to be dainaycd.


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