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ÁNN ÁRBOR SATOS BANK, A.NN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPJTAL, $60,000. Organlzed nnder the General Bankln Law ol this Siat the stockholdors ar lndlvldn11y llab'e lor a dditlon! amount eqnal to the stock held hy thern.thereby creating a liuarantee Fnnd lor thé benefit of Depositors of $100,000.00. Three per cent, intereat allowed on all Sivlng Deposité of one dollar and npwarrts, accordlne to the rules of tho Bank and interest comp .undcd semt-annaally. Mooey to Loan on nnlncambered real estáte and other Bood secprlty. DIRECTORS : CHRIS-nAN MACK, WM D. HARRIMAN, W. w. WINEB. DANIEL HISCOCK WILLIAM DEOBEL, WILLAK uB. MI ril. ÜFFICERS: C. MACE, Pres. W. W. WINES, Vlce-Pres. C. E. HISCOCK. Cashler. AIJENTIONfARMERS 500,000 ACRES OF FIR9T-CLASS TIMBER LANDS IN NORTHERN WISCONSIN, ForSale on Easy Terms to Actual Settlers. Rlcli soll- healthful cllmate -gond drlnktng WBler- flne murkel facllllles- stewdy (Iemand for Ik' or at good wnees NO DROUGHTS, NO GRASSHOPPFR PLAGUES, NO CYCLÜNES Kil niii n iimt ion. wllh inups. pumpuieu etc furuishe.l Fkke. Address i II AS. Li. COLBT Land Com'r. W. C. R. R., Milwaukee. RINSEY & SEA0OLTS iiiOlflili AND Flour and Feed Store. We kep constantly on hand, DREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Wholesale and Retail Trnde. We shall alBO keep a snpply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi Flour, Kye Flour, liiK'kwlu-itt Hour. Corn Moal, Feed, Kic, At Wholesale and Retail. A general stock of GROCERIES anö PROVISIuNS Conatatitly on hand, whlch wil] be old on aa terms as at any other hon-e tn the cit . f'ath pa'd for BUTTER, KGG-1, and COUNTKY PRODUCE generally d. liverid to auy part of the cuy withi nt extra charf;.-. RINSEY & SEABOLT. TTT1T flfor worklne people. 8 nd lü cent IJ pu-tat', and we wlll mil yon frtt a royal, valuadle pamplo box o gonds J ihwlll pot yon In the way ol mnkiiil' more money in a lew dnys ilmn yoa ever ihoacht nosKible t any bu-lnei-. Cipltal not requlted. Yon can live ai home uid work in spare time only, or all the time. ll of both t' xes, nf all aget. grandly succetsfnl. 60 cents to $5 enaily earned iTerv erenlni;. ïhhi all wlm want work may teet the busltieps, wt make thi(anpnralli led offer: To ai! who are nor wHi Kurtcfied we wilt send f l to pay fur the trouble of writliiK in. Full pariicuiurs, dlrections, etc, eem free. Imtnetice py ubsolutely snre lor all h ¦ siart at once, mi dclay. Addreos Stinson & Co., P.irtland, Maine. H UPTTJ H. 3EI! EOAN-8 IMPERIAL TKU8S. V B Tbil new Truu hi ¦ ifroi 'twü mürt aipi - HHs atxd Fiiuin ; yield to tvtry mouon, rcuininx - lhí bmílwv Wíirn df nd nigltl wllhromvuh fort. Seatoa Trial. Cnc)o Suunp for Circular. T Dud In bolh Unirwltf Ho,,.luli. LQÁMS IHPímtL THUS3 CO.. Box !1S8, inn Artcr, HM. Office, Humilton Block. Ann Arbor.


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