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Olí lili' 11. ii Diaiii the l)irn yard. l'rovide lime for the lien-. Forbid Bmoklng lo the barn. It paya i keep ihe animal clean. A curslnjt drtver may sj.oí 1 the leam. Vftnú (trow wnere no orop U plantad. Better tiie leed better the erop, otlier lililíes belng eqoal. Two ii.iia tuba may easily bc made from one purk bturreL Thi-iv aie ti-w kimls of lftfld tliut Sllb.o i 1 1 1 1 r doed nut jrreatly benefit. An mi Inipuie lo tlie horse barns ai to idi the barneet, niust soon liurt tlic animalti Poultry keepinjjgoes bettor wlthdaiiring and stock raslng tlisn with graln gro iiij;. Windows ín liorsc stables sliould be fiíln-r diri'Clly abend or bol'lnd tbe a&lin.ils; II atibe sido, so tbat one -yo reiv i ves more lif;lit than tlie other, weaknos Iii llie eyes wlll rolloW. Baiaiag eariy clilckens muy, ín tlie vlcinily of good markets, be maile llio iiiot prufltable branch of poultry keeping. Wbere well managed $5 from each lit-ii kept may be realized la a year, Including tite Mie oí egn. Watering Live Stock iu tlie Wiuter. - At a deptli in tliu eaitli of lilteen feet from tlie suitucc, the temperature is supP'i.-ed to be uniloriii the year round. In weils of water of the unie or a frrealer deptli, Hiere is ome varialion in the teniperatiire of tlie Water, btcause outside iuflueiicts th i ui;li the opininfí are consluerabH-. Eut even in the colüett weiither tiie watei dniwu fiom a deu well or drill hule is niucli wanner al lirst tbací atter standing awlille iu ilie cnld. Give tüe aninmls the water as il s lirst puní]) ed, durlng cold weather. A diffreiice of ten degrtes in tlie tempeíatme ol tlie drink will nffcct a great difference in tlie couiloit, henee tlie well doing of a beast. Suuiiliiig ou a eold day, it suon gruwt nimiv ilerees coklcr. Makiii" Gniptl Iiuttcr. - Mucli ilepends on the cows tur accomplibhing this, fnr theie are S"tne from whicli no one can get jcooil butter. We would in choosing cows, miike color, flavor and textuie of the butter the cliiet pointe, aside frc m prodiictiveiifss, OU wliicli to bae valii' Staniiijf witli good cows the fted shon d üe BUit.ible and of Looil quality, and ut drink, pure waier. Early cut tlmoiby and cl 'Ver hay with corti ineal would fill the bill tor oit'.i.mry, wilh cut oits and otlicr grains for variety. The ino.t scrupulous clennliiK'88 shuuld bc observed ill the dairy and gtablos. A churu that biin(9 biitter inside of thiity minutes shnuld beustd. Woik the butter with a laille instead of tl,o hands, and wilh a "Kishing" instead of a flattening stroke. One ounce of line salt should be Wed to cach pouud of butter, working it in at 0RCI1ARD AND OARDEX. Trench the garden. Have :i patcb of liot herbg. Aspamgu is oflen set too clo?e. Priininjr sliould not now be deferred. Bont nidish prefers ;i rich clay loam to ¦and. Cut out the tliin shoots from amants and the [kalt wttl come larger. One is nol tipt to niiikc the soil too rich forstr'iwberries, but it can be t'one. Never plant a young tree in the place where au elü one stnod, without tirst removinjr several cubic yards of' soil, replncing it with soine that is fresh. Turinps in the Spring. - Few growers succeed in rauhtg tliis erop tarly in the si-ji.-oi), but it can be done. The seed must be soivn very eaily and in rich soil. Then the groWtb will take place before hot weatlier comes ou, and a fine erop be the result. Rrsiorinr 01(J Orchards. - Achiefcaufe of decline In fruit trees may be soil exhaustion, for no tree can continue to throw off crops, year atter year, for a generation, witliout receiving ampie returns of food to the roots. Top-dressing with stable numure is the best remedy here. This may be applied over the surtace at any time during the winter. An applicatiou of liquid raanure to the gi'iiiind, over the -pace that ia overliung with liranches, will answer the same end. But this must not be applieu until after tlie trost has lei't the soil. Any deiid wood in the tree should be cut out now, and branches that are bark boniid had also Ix-tter be removed. Takiiijí such oui will cause new branches to start up farther back, for future fruitage. FLOWERS AND THE UWS. Qrowïh improves. Contii.ue to make slips. Use nianure water on roses. Tlie sensitive plant needs heat. Put no rooted slip in a dirty pot. Rooted sods and old mauure make the best poltin ; soil. Heiles that are in gond order should not be pruned until suiumer. 8"me rustic work In the garden is very pleasing t the eye but befoie investing miich iiKiney in it, bear in mimi that at its besi it tends to c:irly deeay. Artilicial tnanurt-8 re to be preferred for lawus to those fresh from the stables. Muiy a line yard hu been injured belond recovery by w ed seeds iutroduced tbrouyli a coatol stable manure. Prui:inji Street Trees.- It is not well on Street trees to have branches leavinjr me iijiiin iruiiK nearer tliaii ten reet troui theround. As trees attain a large gize even lv-lve or rifteen feet up to the tirt branches is usually prereried. If lower tlian tliis, the view or the Street is obstructed trom the Windows of the houses, and the fiee circulution of the air is impeded But youug trees have their side branches muuii nearer the ground usually thao any of these figures named, und 110 oiie cares to prune to mei e whips at planting. Sarn brlug the case, street trees hs tliey develop, usually cali for a ffood deal or pruning. The work is often budly done ly those who lay claims to kuowiiijt all about (jiuiiiiiff. Tree owners sliould inift, no matter who does the work, that no stnnips be Ipft of any bianches cut. Every branch should be scvered close to the niain puit, the surface of the cut should be dressed sinooth and receive a heavy coat of paint, Inr keeping ouc the indituie. Thus treated the bark will eveiitinilly grow completely over ilie scar, a thing inipossible when a slump, hnwiver nhort, lemains. Do not allow lare branches to be cut ofl' by cuttin fiom one side only, m tbtê may cause a bad split inwanls. First let a cut bemade In the lower side, one foot from the trunk, at out one t Uil d through the branch ; then cut in from the top close to the tree until the limb falla, aftcrwardsremoving: the iemaiiiiiir stub, and asdirected.


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