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HtJNTL IKIDNEY :8c ;$ LlVERp7 mmm IT CURES WHEN il action. It is safe, ALL OTHEH )isure and epeedy care CHÏÏS PAIL, ns it yJftA j&t and hunets DIEECTLT VOgdrodfl havo and AT ONCE on 'nbt-ap been cured the KIDNEY8, ti7Jby ifc when IJVER and -iflrr physicüuiB and 2L9, reitoring yLp W friond had 1 hem to a healthy 1 J' Cffiven them up IT IS BOTH A SAFE CURE and a SPECIFIC. It CURES all niseaacR oftbe Kidncys, .lver' llIndler nnd Trlnary Omiui.; Uropar, Graral, IMnbotes, liright's DisenscNcrvoiisUisrascs, Excessen, 1 emulo Wcuknexscs, ¦rnuuclirp, lliliousness, Ilcadncbe, .sour Mom. u-h. Dvnptpbia, C'onstipntiun, Pilca, J'nint in the Bnck, I.oins, or side, Ketent on or N o n . l: e t e 11 t 1 o 11 of I rino. ÍI.25 AT URt GCISTS. S-TAKE NO OTHER.-Í Send fw '".-.istrated Pamphlet of Solid Tetunon!.1.. : Absolute Cuiea. íit.NT'S REJIEDT CO., 6 ProTldcnce, R. I. DcSLARKE KO TTS j Establised 1851 I Merrill Osta BattsrI 1 DETROIT, MIOH. Block' [HWgMM ThcrigularoldestablUhecl lfíS8?Ml phylc'n and Sutgeon DB. WL Wijl XAKKK, at the old number II TTWUW lll continúes to treat with his usual M flifrrat kil 1 all private, ILl r mZ WQchronlo, nerrous and special Ihi -TlïH lili'11"''""" DR CJLAKKK is WTOfWWBfjthc oldest Advertisinp Physician, ""¦ttm"" files of Papers show and all old Rcsidents know. Age and experience imtortant. Nervong dlaeascs (with or without rearas.) or deblllty and loss of nervo power reated scientifically by new methods with ncver ailinp success. ST It makes no difEcrcnce whttt you have taken or who has failed to cure you. ty Toungr noen and middle-aged men and all who suffer should consult the celebrated Dr. Clarke at once. 3f The terrible polsons oí all bad hloodand skin dl eaaesof every kind, name and nature comntctely eradicated. Kcmemlier, th.,1 one horrible dlsaase, if nelected or improperly treated, carnes the present and coming penerations. iLST IMseased discharges cured romptiy without hindrance to business. Bolh sexes consult conudentially. If In tronble, callorwrite. Dclaysaredangcrous. 'Frocrastl?ation is the thlef of time." A vrrittea warranty of euro elven in evcry caae undertaken. Sf Send two starris for celebrated worka on Cllronlc Ncrvous and Del. cate Distases. You have an exhaustlve ymptomaioloiijr by whlch to study your own cases. Consultation pcrsonalljr or by lciter, iree. Consult the old l'octar. Thouiands cured. Offices and lrlors private . You see no onc bu: the Doctor lief oreconndinit your case consult Dr. CLAHKE A triendly letter or cali may save future sufferme and shame, nd add golden years to lite. Medicines sent everywhere secure f rom exposure.- llours. 2ÍÍ lv.Snáay4-9 t0 Adre6a "etters: F. tí. I-AKKK. Si. I., Merrill Block, Cor. WoodUrd i, Jofterson Aves., DETROIT, MICH. ljESTABge%lS46.V LM jjfj ]'! -"' ! Vceklynewspspw U devotnl t.. nii'erins, dis. '"". "i . ¦:i!,!islmd. TtTy nnmber ill, i, . rrarinn Tlü Enbliestin-i. , .yoropBdio1 iformation i : silhoó Th Gpularity of 1 ¦. , , fuci, tht ,. circuí." , i.rimpor.01 M oliuu ibibI .. l. l Discount ta %Ai Lu ¦ iüïss'Si MM " "- e i íLtent Offloe, ¦ m.l'is-.epri' in üna Hun¦ drrti Thonafi' ' insiorpUH enti In v ., ú - , , s hv forela W countr.r-v ,i, -Marks, Copy-. Rf rijn ti :. - iri al ether paper for w-uriT' ; í . hoir rmhuln th ' ¦ United Btstoa, ' doaiI Knp md, Franct i H Germany and oth : i ui trian, prep&rod ¦ at fhort n .li'-e nd -n r-i rn b!e tanu ¦ i lafemnaj 'W#TfnIIy ¦ CiTcn ¦ il: mri-booltn f informa¦ lion sent l d i hrotich Munn ' B A Co. arenotioed in iho Bcleotiiio Amoricanfr. rhe advantapo of Kuch rotj-.'o iswi-ü mnifrtooU byall fwrsonswho wmh totiit;noswif their patente. ( AddrennMUNN 4 CO., Office KCUtUTITIc AMXSXCA' ' KI liroaUway, Nw York. J


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