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LAST CHANCE To obtain Government Lands fre_r - that ar miaU fnr genend farming aña stock niising purposes - beforc clu&gv of bwi as per bilis now pending in Congres. nnniN THE DEVILS LAKE, lIl TURTLE MOUNTAIN, MfcU And Nlouso Rlver Country. north JtnnrQírUsutí7,,'; DAKOTA flÜilLO g$SSÏ Owr 2,000,000 Acres of R. R. Lmils in Minne sota at the low prio of :i.llO per arre and upwards. i.: tion.i! Mapand fullparticularsmatlcd ¦¦¦% ¦¦ ¦ i free to :myadlre-s by M W RREN, I II L I fien'l Pass. Agent, St. Pau!, Mimi. and P II T T Manitoba K. K., St. Paul, Mi.w. I llkk Milt Üyfi NlH! ;':ï; Obtalncd in the United States and ForeignCoun. trie. GEO.H I.OTUnilP, TO Crimrol. Detroit, HHch. In persons it is the lower that is lntroduceil to the hlyher and, as n rule, the younger to tlieoldtr, the gentleman to the lady. General Cliace of Itliodu I-land, says: "j alwayt Uccp Èont't Rcmedy in my lioac, itpt'rvents headache and Kidney troubles." A Dakota farmer on his dying lied te mcuibiTcd that liis u -ile na smoking .-oiinlüiins, juni liesaid: "Now, HeiirlettH.dOu't JJT to sniflliiig aruund :md torget them hams." The Koot of the Kvil. To thoroughly cure sciofula it Is necessary to strike ilirwtly at the root of the evü. 'flus is exactly what Hood't S:n-.suparilla does, b acting upon the blood, thoroufrhly cleansing it of all linpitrttiws and leavins not even a taint of scrofnlu n the vital fluid. Tlionsands who have been cured of scrofiilü by HoodV S;irsaini ilhi, testify to its wondertul blood purilyiDg qnalities Soldby all drSKgiat. It is veiy easy to take thinjrs when they come, but tuppose they dou't come. titiM a umin, Many unsenipulous dealen niay tellyou they have remedies for Cotlffbt and (Jolds equal in inerit and nevery respect justas fíood is the old reliuhle Dr. Buunko Cough and Lung Syrup, unless you iiisist upon this remeay anë wil! takeuo other, you ara Hable to be grently deeeived Price GO cents and $1.00. Sokf by Eberbfcch & Son. Haeb is said to be the oonnecting link betweo tlie aninial and vegetable kingiloms. Some remarkable carea of rleafneu are recoided of Dr. Thonns's Eluctrio üil. Never fails to cure earache. Au Answer aiiteil. Oan any one briDg us a c;iv,. ,,r Kldne; orLlver üomplalut that Electric Bitters will not fpeedily cure? We say Ihey can iot, is tliousands of cases alreatly pennaicntly curi il and wlio are d.üly remin Dending Klectric Biltrs, will prove Jright's Desease, Diabi-us, Weak Back, o r ny urinary complaint quiokly cured. 'hey purlfy the blond, regúlate the bovv¦U, and actdirectly on the di-cüsi l puts. Ovcry iiotlle riiarantcfd. Forsalent 50c bottle by Eberbach & Sou. " Gravity," said a learned judge, " la no nore a proof ot wisdmii tlian a paper colal la of a maii's having a shirt n." Havo used Dr, Tilomas' Ecleetric Oil at cioup and olds, and deel ie it, posi ve cure. Contribiitcil bv Win. Kuy, 570 lymoutb Ave., Búllalo, N. T. A young buly havine; read atiout a nia'i lavinr invcnlcd a stovc which OOiigumed ts own smoke, hopes he will devise a ictliod whereby tohaceo smokerscan be un on the same principie. Ebi-rhach & Son ie Druggists,wlio are iilvraya looUinjr a( er the ïntcic.-ts of thcir custoiucrs, bave iiow fecured the sale of Dr. BosimhoV Cough and hu"x Syrup, n remcdv tliMl never fails to eure Colda, P;iin in the Chestandall Luug AffeClIong. Fm prooi; try a fiee sample bottle. Regular si.e 50 cents and $1.00. An Eiilorprisinr. Uoliable H0B86. Eberbach & 8on c;in aiwavs be relied ' upon, not only to carry In stock the best of ' everythinr. but to secure tlie Atrcncy for ' siich anieles ;ih have well-known nieiiis j and are popular with the pteopics thereby susiaininjj the reputation of belng al ways I ciiteiirisii:g, and ever leliable. Hoving secured the Atfency for thecelebrated Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumiition, will sell it on a positiveruaranUe. It will surely cure any and every affection of Throat, Lungs, and Chest, and to show our confldence, we invite yon to cali and get a Trial Bottle Free. I


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