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T3THE ONLY TEÜE QTON1C Wil! pnrIIV Am BLOOO, reKO1B late the LI VER and KIDNEYS, ¦ "1 L and RKflTOkK HIK HEALTH VflA and VIQOR of YOUTH. l)yaV-' wk pepsla, Want of Appetlt, In'."¦ digestión, J.ack or ötrfiiprtli, "... k and Tired Fceliiiprabsolutcly "'" cured. Itones. luusclt' and Bk uerves receive liuwforee. k JLnlivens the nilud and a - __ „ - , , iupDlU-s Itralu Towfr. LMUI COjxHiill.irto theiricx wlll fl-id HDR. HARTER'SIRON TONIO nd spt'edy euro. (ives a clfiir. liealtliv compUxion. Frequent attetnpls at counterfvltlufc onlyadd 1" t]iu popnlarlty ol'thu oil(fliuii. Do uot expert munt- get the Okigixal AND KSST. (SeiKlyouraddrefXoTheDr. BKTxnlM, Io.,for our "DKEAM TOCK." ¦ Jr'ulluf Htrauge and uaefal Information, free. ƒ A Dang(roug Case. Rochestkh, Jnne 1, 1882 'Ten Yeas aeo 1 as attackcd with the mrmt Intense aud deathly pains in my hnck and - Kidneys." " Extendinn; to the end of my toes and to mv bruin ! ' Wliicli mude rae deürloai ! " Fnim agouv. " It took tlnee men to hold me on mj' bed at times ! '¦The Doctors tried in valn to relieve me, tint to no purpow, Morpliine and itther Opiatcs " H id no effect ! 'After two months I was given up to die! " When niy w!fe beard aeigbbor teil what Hnp Bitters li id done tor her, she it once g-ot and -ravc ma tome, 'i'lie tirstdose eased my brain and leemrd to go huntin through ny systcm for the pain. Tb.' second dose eased me so much that I nlept two huurs. someihlnir I bad Dot done for two iminih. Beiore I had nsfd flve bottlen I was well and ut work as h ird aa an man could, tor over nee we, ks ; hut I woked to hard f..r my stre'gth ond laklng a hard cold I waxtnken with the most leute and patnlul rheuma ism all throueh my eyeum thatevur wa knnwn. "I calied the doctor aeain and after peveral v -i'ks, f ev left mea cripi]e on crutchen for lile, s tlioy Mld. I mi-tH irii'ud and told hira my case, and ho eaid II, .p liittra had cured hlm and would cine me. I p mhed at hun. bu' he was so carneet was niduced to nse them anafn. In less then fonr weeks I threw away mv crutches and want to work llKhtly and kept on nsn g the bittere for flve werkt, untll I became as well as any man living, and have been so for ii years aluce. It ha nlso cured mv wife, who had been sick for y en re; and lias kept her and my Cbildren, well and healthy with from two to three bottle per year. Tliere is no need to be sick l all if these bitters are Uierl. ,J. J, Beul, ex-8upervior. " 'J'hat poor invalld wife. " Sister ! "Mother! " Or dauiilifcr "Can be intt'Je the picture of health ! , " With a few bottles of Hop liitters ! i " Wiü ou ld them suffer? " i raf-None gemiine without a bunch of i;reen I Hops on the white label. Shim all the vile !ol lis, stuff with "Hop" or"HoD8"in tlieir iinme. y I be President of the Cambridge, Mass., PlrelB8.Co.Mtyt: "I recommeml Hood's Sureapartlla u a building op and gtrengtbenlng remedy." YVhat istheUiylu-stoflice within the "ft of the Americin peo pie? The sigua! service oftlce on Pike's Peuk. We depart from our usual practica and reroinincncl Huni's remedy a r inre cure tor all kidncy distases.- Medical (iazrtt,: What did the spider do when he carne out of the ;.rk ? He took a fly mi.l went hume. My physician said I could not live; my Ifrer out óf order; frequently vomlted greenish mucous; skin yellow, small dry hmnore on face, stomaeh would not ntain food. Bunlock Blood Bitten cured me. Mis. Adelaidc O'I?rien,372Kxchange st., Búllalo, N. Y. Cure Tor riles. The (irst symptom of Piles is an intense tchlng it niglit alter getting warm. This unplcasutit scnsation is immediately relieved by an application of Dr Bosañko's Pile Remedy. Piles In all forma, Itcb, $alt Rheiim and Ringworm can be pernaiH-ntlj- oured by the use of tiiig graat remedy. Prloa 50 cents. Mamifactured . y the Dr. Boranko Medicine Coinpany i'iqua, O. Sold by Eberbach & Son. 1203-1253. OPIUM HABIT! ÜÍSÍÍ fVT ."''' lï'''011 lWt wiH lio wcll to wrila lo DR. IARSU, of Onln.j, Mith., w10 ,„ , .„ld Wl4, r„,,uUti,n fnr i curtí ha lm nado during tho put txelrrtran. Th raain 1 olnts to be communicated are the .resnt atate of hfalth, Isncth J t ti me lned, jind present araoimt of dm? uel per werk. Sanluium Treatment whcn desirM. Stud fi.r teRtimoniala trom ladiug phyaiciana and rcproseuutjvv u,rn and mi men curad. Ü.S.STANDARD. L) Q JJ" p JONES WAGON SCALES, ; Oí" T"rí "" Beam Bol, I BWGHAMTON ÖOO ur.d ¦ ihvfnlthi- fo. d l-ll. " Llat Ti, , -. tl II U.l l-,.r: , 1 -m


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