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"The June-bug has a gaudy wlng, The lightning bug has fume, The bed-bug has do wings ut all. But he gets there just the same.'' April Fooi. Election Monday. To-day is registration day. Register to-day. Don't forget it. A vote for McAlvay is a vote for a good man, and an old Ann Arbor boy. This is supposed to be a joko- tlic temperance people all favor water works. Froni a few to many. Candidates are now tliicker than flies around i sugar tab. Jack Louey and Jess Stevens are having an excellent run of custom sinue starting in on their own hook. Saturday, the llth day of April, has been set apart by Gov. Alger as "Arbor Day." Get your trees ready. Last Thursday about twen tv young kids had one of Frank Hangsterfer's boats sailing up and down Main st in it. Be sure that your ticket is all right. The democrats are on tlie still hunt, and are hoping to surprise some one with the result. If yon see a n loei y wrapped package on the sidewalk to-day, don't pick it up for maple sugar, or kick it to see what it is made of. If you slip into officer.ext Monday, you will need some slips to do it with, and the Courier has excellent facillties for the slip business. Judge Harriman closes bil second term as mayor, and will not be i candidate for re-election, we understand. He has made a record that he need not feel ashamed of. About 50 years ago David Depue planted a mulberry tree on his farm, and uow he has had a portion of the tree mude up into canes which he is presenting to his friends. The repu'jlican city caucuses are to be held to-night, and the city convention omorrow. The democrats hold their caucuses Friday evening aird conveiition Saturday evening. The Beethoven Gesangverein and the Minnis orchestra went to Jackson last Wednesday night to take part in the dedicatory ceremonies of a new hall. All had a good time. One of the largest classes ever before the county board, presenied themselves for examination last Thuröd;ty,at the court house. Th ere were 131 in number, and some of the school marms were right pert too. How singularly silent are all the democratie papers upon Moses W. Field. While they praise Mr. Whitman, they don't say a word about Moses, who is expected to lead them out of the field of defeat on to an elevation of victory. Poor Moses, he has lost his mission. Ten thousand brook trout have been planted in streams adjacent to this city by John F. Lawrence. Now if John will 8hoot the first rnan caught denuding the strearas of these trout by means of dyniimite torpedoes, he will help the plant to increase. Otherwise it is labor lost. Hon. Carl Schurz will lectura on "Educational Problema" Friday evening April 3. No one should miss this lecture, as thti subject is one in which all are interested. Mr. Schurz' lectures are spoken of highly by the press elsewhere, and he will doubtless furnish pleasant and profitable evening's entertainment liere. H. Alvin Le Suer, formerly a resident of this city, died from a sudden attack of pneumonia, at San Diego, Cal., March23d. where he went about a year ago in search of better health. Letters written by him to his family only a few days previous to his death, were full of hope and cheer. His remains were taken In charge by friends from Detroit, in which city he bad resided for the past few years. He was a young man of exemplmy character, and called his friends close to him by kind ways and deeds. His family here have the sympathy of many friends. On Monday Sheriff Walah arrested a lellow at the Toledo k Ann Arbor depot, on the grounds of obtaining money under false pretenses. He gave llls name as IVm, E. Bennett, but said he sometime9 went under the name of Gordon. It seems that the fellow had been to nearly all the ministers and many others in the city, representin;,' hhnself as belonging totheir varioua denominationsand asking for money for different purposes. He obtained i small amouutot' Mr. Whedon. Rev. Mr. Pope in some manner getting an inklingof his fraudulent intention, and meeting him at the depot teUphoned for the sherift and had liim taken in custody. Kxamination to-day, Mr. , who llves in a stylish house on one of our prominent streets loaned all hia parlor chuirs the other evening to a neighbor who gave a progressive euchre party and had not enough chaira to go around. Yesterday morning; when he came down to breakfast he looked in the parlor and Paw one solitary chair therc, "Jennie,"he called to hls pretty 17-year old daughter, " was yOUOg Smith herc last night?" " Ves, papa." "Did you sit in the parlor?" " Why, certainly; wliat a funny question. Do you think we 8at in the kitchen ?" " Never you mind ; where did he ait ?"" "Why, he eat on a chair." " He did, eh f Well, there was only one ¦chair there. Now where did you sit? Auswer me at once?" ¦ I-I-I-I- Oh! pa- I sa-t on the coal hod ! Boo-hoo-hooooo !" Sunday is Easter. Sclmiz, Friday erenlng April 3. The latest thiog on tap - maple trees. Dr. Jenkins attended the state dental coiiventioii laat reek, at Detroit. Judge Win, Newton will hold court in this circuit, commencing April 20. Co. A. will have an inspectlon and hop on Tuesday eyening, April 7lh. Why is an April fooi any botter tbao any otUcr tooi' Becanae Ita the Mist. N. H. Carey is to rebulld his house burned recently, on High st. recond ward. Egjjs for bnakfasti engs for dinoer, eggs for supper, eggs for lunch, Sunday. John Ferdon has had one hundred apple and peach trees glrdled and ralned by mice the past winter. Easter services next Sunday mornlng and song aerrtae In the evening at the Presbyterian church. Last Sabbath was observed as Palm Sunday by the Catholic and Lutheran churclit'ti of this eity. The priDttng of the coming calendar for the Ann Arbor high school has been awarded to the CouiUek. The dry goods stores of the city have agreed to continue the ctoalnf of tbelr stores at tí p. m. until May Ist. Good. Patrick Kennedy has piuchased the Mac LeIJau property, cor. Pontiac and 4th sts., for 1,500. A rare good bargain. Capt. Manly has been appointed assistant inspector of the (;. A. 1{. poaU located in this and Jackson counties, uine in all. Souie of our apLarlttt are reporting quite a Ion of bee aolonlea the past winter - eapectally thoee not given proper pi-otection. Petltlona are belng clrcalated andilfrnatorea Mcared reqaeeting members of the tenate to push through the bill submittlng the piohibitory ameiulment to the people. Hon. C. II. Iiiehmond, missed h3 footing on the Hawalian Islaiul tniaslon. The position has been given to a Nevada brave. In tact Michigan doesn't seem to pau out well on olliees. vv j ¦ ' ' i ' u vil ui vlij l'U -l-jtioiv.4 t ¦ Uil d;iy, Rev. J)r. Pitkin will hold services. Morning prayer at 7JL o'clock . m. Litany and comniision services at 10'2' a. m., and cbildren's service ut I a. m. When yon ro tothe polls next Monday, don't brget 10 glve a lift to an old Washtenaw couuty boy, Aaron V. McAlvay, for regent, lic deseryes a rouiingvote from this county lor old time'a sake, if nothinj; moro, Ernest Eberbach was sbipplog a Pari3 range to lowa the otfaer day whcn ye reporter was in his store, and upon inquiry we found that thU was the thiril range of the kind he had shipped this winter to lowa. Good ncord tor the town. The annual meeting of the Ladie' Library Aesoclatlon will occur in the übrary rooms. Hamilton block, on tfonday, April ISCb, at halt past t wo o'clock. It is hoped that all memoen will endeavor t.i be present asa largo attendance is jrivaily desired. A.l 1 Mann a brlght young lady, 18 years ot gv, living a short distance out 011 the Whitmore Lake road, has become insane, and is now at insane Uoïpltal as the Kalainazui and Pontlac nsyliuiis air fnll ot patlents, and no more ean be taken. The flas; stone walk around the C. Hsquare has been injured 111010 the past winter by reason of the ice and snow accumulating upon it, than a whole year'constant walking upon it by pedestrians would woar it out. The walk ought to be raised up. Baturday nine trampa jast from Ionia, called at the jail and inquired for Wallace, when told that the ex-sherift' was livinii at Chatanooga, they wanted to know how far it was froin here. At ter hangtng aroand town Suiulay, theystarted west. - Deraocrat. Geo. A. Douglaa sends us the Xew Orleans Picayune with the following remarfcable weather item marked : " S. 1). Chickering, Clerk of the circuit court of Letlore county, got caught in a hail storm last Tbanday, whilst out hunting and was killed by liail atouei." The Ladies' Christian temperauce union of Aun Arbor, will serve a New England dinner at the temperance rooms over Noble's clothing store, on Monday, April 6th. The ladies will be glud to moot all thoir frlendi. Dinner from 12:80 un til 3 o'clock. Lunch from 'l antll ü o'clock. Ex-policeman John Johnson, we are pleased to learn.lias had his monthly pension raised from $8 to $30 per month, through O. L. Matthews, as attorney. 'I' 1. :,. l.-. .. ,,.,niinMj iwiiiiiii 1 m ) li 1 ¦ II 't T" t ( ' Aillo ia n gtucivuo aiiiivu "' iu """ " the sovernment. We don't believe there are many men in town who would exchange their health tor John', lor even twice or thrice this figure. Mr. Isabella T. Clark, of Adrian, died in Detroit last week, of tumor. Slie was the owner of the Clark estate made famcm by Thos. J. Navin who swindled it out of many thousands of dollarg, and tor wblch be now is terring a ten year sentence. AJto the mother of Mrs. Will J. Cocker, formerly ol this city, at present superintendent of the Adrián schools. The Adrián Press pays this compliment to one of Ann Arbur's citizens: "We receiyed a pleasant cali from Captain Manly and Hon. John .1. Robison, of Ann Arbor, Monday. Captain Manly is a one arined sohlicr, a Leadlng citizen of Washtenaw county, and iü BlmOtt niiaiiimously endorsed i'or pogtmastw al Aun Arbor. Every old soldler'i lieart goeaont in full sympathy to tliu one armed old veteran, and thy hope lo lee hito succeed, and to have tliu city lionorud in so doing." Forty-one years ago last lionday, says one of our oldest Inhabltanta, it commenced to suow the same :is it di! lust Monday. The M. C. R. lf. was then running throagh to Jackion,and Mr. O. 8. Giles (tbr many yean i resident of this city, np to Uw Umeof liis death (ome tive years ago) u an employé thereon. He itarted that morning trom Jackson to come to Am ii Arbor, and was thrto days on the Kd maklng the round trip. Instead of oroMing the Baron the road then wonnd around the river, and In the beud near "Cascade Glen" the now was so drifted that the train run ofl' the track. Do nut forget t ramember the #12,000 jail loan propotiUon to be voted on at the election next Monday. The fimi of $12,000 will perbapi build a good eooogh jail for Waihtenaw county. We don't suppose that the class of boarders for wliuiii this itrncture I Intended defervea to "dweil in marljle balk," vet the iron cells and gratiiifïs ouglit to be Of och material that thc run uut braak throngh and IteaJ away. And we doubt t.v much whether thal lum wlll secure that sort of material - t-hrome iteel - for the cells, and make a thoroughly nfe place of it. The drainage and wnltary arrangement! also, ihould te the yciy best. A.nd again, the all oughi to : located up town. If this loan is carrted- which it will be- the ily OOght to buy a jj;ood lot of round near Ihe court bouw and trade the same for the present jail site. The new jail ouglit to be located nearer the court house.