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Twin Foes to Life Are Indigestión and Constiputlon. Their primary Bymptom are amoug the most distrcsMtig of minor human alimenta, and a host of Siseases, speedily resultaat from thera, mutually aggravate euch otbar and assail at once thu whole macbinery of life. Nausea, Foul Breath, Sour Stomoch, Dlzzlness, Hcadaches, Bilious Kever, Jauiulioe. Dyspepsla, Kidney Disoases, Pilos, Klieuniatisni, Neuralgia, Dropy, and varloua Skiii Disorders, are among the symptoms and maJadlea caused bv derangemeat o the stoniach and bowels. A Thorough Purgative medicine is the tirst necessity for euro. Then tho cathartio effect must be inuintaincd, in a mild (tegree, lust nifflctent to prevent u recurrence of costiveness, ana at tlie saine timo t lie liver, kldneyi and stomneh must be stimulated aud itrengthened. Ayer's Pilis Accomplish this restorative work better than my other medicine, 'l'liey are ecarcliin? and tlioroiiiïh. vet mik), In thelr purgathe actlon. TEey cl nol gripe tho patiënt, and do not induce a costtve reaction, as is the effect of otlier cathartlcs. Withal, tliey possesa special properties, diuretic. hepatfc and tonic, of ttic highe.-t medicinal valué and Absolutely Cure All disenses proeeedin.ï from disorder of the digestive and assimilatorv organs. The prompt use of Aykr'8 Vii.i.s to correct the. flit indications of eostiveness, averts tlie Berloua Illneuea which neglect of tliat eonditton wouUl Inevltably induce. All irregularities in tlie action of the bowels - looseness as well hs consttpation - are beneticially controlled by Aveu's Pills, and for the slinmlatiou of digestive organa weaVened by longcontimied dyxpepxia, one or two of Aykr's Pii.i.s dully, after dluner, wlll do more good than anythjiig else. Leading Physicians Concede Thnt Aykb's PlLLS aro tho best of all cathartlc ïnedlcineii, and many praetltioners, of the lilghcut standing, customarfly prescribe I ' AYER'S PÏLLS, nu:PARED BV Dr. J. C. Aysr Co., l.owoü, Mass. [Analytical Chemlots.] For sale by all Drnsgl'U. LÜMBERI LUMBEK! LÏÏMBER! It yon contémplate building, cal) :it FERDON Ll'IIH ÏUl! Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., and ge our ügures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Luiubcr anti guarantee AERY LOW PRICES J-Give us a cali and we wil! make it to your interest, as our large and well gradi-d stock fully susUins our assertion. Telephone Connections with Office. T. J. KKECH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAIN, GENERAL jCB [WSL OKKICI-: : Over CasDer Rinsey's Grocery Store. COR. IIDKON AND KOUKTU STS., North British Insurance Co,, Of London and Edinbiirr. Lt'upltal, 13,OOO,(IOO, Oold. Detroit Kire an! Marine InmruMe Co-i Onb Aaan W00, SprlDffleld Ins. ('o. r HwMchnsetti, Cah Assets $1,800.000. ilowanl Ihs. CooifM; of New York, CaehAeiets $1,000,000. Agrlcultiiral lus Co., W atertown, H.T., Caeh A'set tl,aOO,HK). Losse? Llberally Adjaeicd and Proroptly VkM. DÖWUKMW THAT LORILLARD'S CLIMAX PLUG TOBACCO With Red Tin Tag Is Uifi best? Is tlie jmrcst u never dallerated with ilneoM, barytei molaaHes, or any deltertOM lngreülents, as ¦ 1 the case with muny other tobáceos. LOKILLAUU'il ROSE LEiF HXK Cl'T TOBACCO is also made of the flnegt stock, and for aromatic chewlngqualily Is second to none. LORILLARDN XAV CLIPPIXOS, take flrst rank as a solid durable smoking tobáceo wherever introdaced. roi{ll.l-ltls F4.MOUS 8SIIFFS liave been used for over 124 years, and ar sold to a larger extnt than any othrn.


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