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The Printer's Hiawatha

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s hou id yon ask us vv hy t ïiis dunnlngf vii :i 1 1 t ih'sc ootnptalnts and niunnurs ? Miirmurs ioui about dellnqnents, Who bave read t ue paper weeklv, Read what tinv have nevar pata tor, are anti with profil, Read the cnurch affaUa and prospeots, Read i hc news both ham " foi Kn 11 of w ¦-¦'-' !' jï. ti l LoHtruotlOD ; aad the tabie ol ibe markets, ( 'if.iuiiy oorreoled week I y - Bhoald you ask why all ihls duntiiuti? From the printer f rom thn millor, Krom the kin 1 old paper maker. From the landlord trom thedevtl, Krom the maa wbo i kzes [etters with the stamp of (Taole Hamael- (JacleRam th rowdie caU hlm ; From the mat) there comes a message, Mr batse knul and tlnuiy spoken : 'Please topay tlic h you owfl " it is Lo heat the message, When our funda are 1' exbauste 1, When the tast xreenback has lelt as. When tlie alokels all liave vauisho i . Gone to pay the tot U Dg printer, Gone lo pay the papor maker, (íoiio t pay i hc la ml lord 's tribute, Gone lo pay the clerk and 'h-vil, Gone io pay tbe rat th ful mal er, Gone to pay Old Uncir Sanui.'l - Únele Satn tin rovrUl64 oall him- (t -¦ to pay !r beel and Br dg et, Gone to pay.iiu! i'uUiiiul parson , 8ad it is to turn our lodger. Turn the lenves of this old tedger, Turn and see what sama due us, Due for Tolumes Long vinoe euded, i nu' lor yeara oi pleasant i;idlug, Du" lor yeara of anxtous labor, Due desptte of patiënt waltlng. Duedesptte of oo a sta at d inning. Due iu suiiw f rum two to twety, VVould you lift a burden from us? Wou d you drive a tspectre trom you? U olt ld VOlUast.' rt p!i ¦-.;) n t "s limbOTf woui'i you bave a qulei ooDso'eo Would yoa read u paper pald Prf Send us tuoin-y ! 8end il1 muuey ! Bend n- nioti ! sead u money ! bend the money that you oweus.


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