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Thomas Steven, the transcontinental cyclist and the (tul hoi' of papera entitled "Acrogu Aincric.i on a lücvcle," the lir-t of which appeared in the April numbef of the Outin"' magazine, hs been in Boston duiiiifi a part of last week. At ilie recent receptiouof the Mafwacbusetti1 Hicycie Club rurnors were aflaat to tlie effect that .Mi'. Stevens conteuiplated ilie clfcumvolution of the globe, astride the "whlrlliig wbecl." With this romot waa aiiother, that Mr. Stevens would make. unprecedented journey under the U UBjltO0 f tlie O,,ttti t-'ír?rtt-. Arcordingly h represeutalive of the Herald called on Mr. W. B. HowluBd-, ihctrcasurer, at the coaey rooms i Ooting, on Tremont itreet. In mwer to the reporter' inilicr direct question, Mr. Howland ulmiiied that the rumors were substantlully true, ind BUggested that, as Mr. Stemt was in the uffloc, perimps the peporter cuulil gli'.in Iriiin hun a tuuch betlor Idea of the now detlnitely-declded-upon joumey. Mr. Bterena was called and introduceil. In personal appearance, he is somewhat below the averKe helght, but of gubütantial builil, with broad .slioulders, Btrong frame and muscfes, ¦ rosy aml tan complexión, and a genial face. He readlly imparted the informatlon fleíin d. "I understand, Mr. Stevens, that yon have dteided to maleo tho Journey around tbe (tlobe on a bieyele.'' "Yes, r ratber to complete my tour, foi 1 have already rldden about 8W0 mllea of it, on my wbeel, íroui San Fraiici-co to BoBtoii." "Wben do yon propose lo tmt, Mr. Hl vena?" "I f hall sail on tlie steamer City of Chicago, from New Vork, on April 'J, for Liverpool. On my arrival at tbat city I shall spend geveraldaya Ín vlsitlng f rienda. X be i'otniil atsrt wlll be made about May 1." "Wiíat eqnlpment will yon carry?" "ín tbe lii.-l place, I gball tske my 00Inoh expert Columbla, or rather it will take me. 1 shall use tbe best long di- lance Baddle, símil carry a cha n ge ol clothing, ;i 1 irlit rubber coat, and wi Itlng raaterials, all secuiely faatened to the machine, I .haii depend upon parchases inte for needed íupplies." "l'iri VOO glve the readers of tile 11erald a fiiirly correct idea ol your journey, and THB i-i:im ii'Ai, rolNTs yon will tOUCh ?" "I Ihink so, but like thc weather, il will Ject i cange." 'We will take ll on tlmt basis." "I símil wheel from Llveritool to Dover, sail across ihe stralli oí Dorer, land ai Calais, wiieel lo Parte, thr.ough Piance and (crina n y, to Vicnnii, tbroUgb Austria and Turkey, and via the valley of t lie Uanube, to Óonstautinople, cross over to Seuiari, in Asiatic Tuikey, töachfng at l.r.irouni and otber poluta In Perala. 1 expici to re.ich Teheran, the capital ol Peral, sonie time in the ful. I shall prubably winter ai thatolty oral Bokhara, Turkeslau. I hope 10 rtsiinie my journey uarly In the spring. 1 .-hall wheel into iliu Uliim-se empire, and attempt to uo Lhroujfl) the empire, via ihe valley of Uic Ïnng-Tse-Klang, to Shanghai. I may be obligedlo matt-ri.iily cliaiute thlscouise, for we have 110 uutbenlió frulde, or the deflnlte experiences o( trayelers, to work out the [imba'jlc reception of ibe uatlves, or manj? u'nforaeen ddHcnliies. Aftei cio-miij; tbe (.'iiiiu-i' empire, [ shall pioceed to Japan, and theie shall end m.v wheei ride, having made tlie entlre land jouriiey aiciiuul Lbe globe on a bloycle. 1 slmll' take ife-Wlier tur Sai) Francisco, and probably Btop over inc steamer at Sandwlob Islands.' " llow long do yoo txicct It will take you f " "1 anticipft'e it will roquire nbout 18 niiniti s, out ot wliicli about onu yew will bc upou tlic road." "And the wlieellnjj dlstance will be. - " Neirly 10,000 tnilcs ictual wlieeling, Wülcliadded tu about 8,000 miles in cross ing America, will bring tlic total distanee OU a blcycle up to .over probably 13,000 miles, at least." "Do you not expect to, undergo uardsinpn and privallonif " "Perhapi so; but, even if Uiey were deflnitely aiaumed, I Bhould not liesitate. I Intend'lo go AKOUND TUK WORLD ON A IilCY( [ K. and sliall do so, or else. as tlie playxviiglits say, ' peritb In tlic atlempt.',' "But suppoae yout bloyle givesout?" "Perhapsit may, but (bat is tbe least of the uppowble dlfficultlw. I rode a Standard Columbia in iny trans-contin en tal trip, and tbe machine is tubatantiillly as ItrOHg a.s il ever W8S, and the roadi over the roekiea ought to bc enough to wenr out ai. y ordinary marhine." ' But the iiatives, the Ravage, the lieatlien Chinee? " " I um nol atVaid of them. I have had ;i little experiencc witli North American Idü lans, and I guess tlie hcatliens of other land are not nny woise." " Wili ymi kimlly ivc me a little sketch cf your llfef " " 1 BnppOM that it s of no uso ti) rel use a representativa of the Herald. I was liorn in Beikhainstead, Hertfordshlre, E air., on Chrlstmaa. lSfiö. I am uninarHed, and my father and motiiei are oom alive,,and at present are living ncnr Kanla City, Mo„ I cume over to the United Eftates in 1871, landed at. New York city, and went :it once to Missouri, where I hnd H brother. I worked wilh htm on liis farm severnl years. Four years ago I wnigrated ti Wyominft teiritory, and was in tlte employ et' the Union Pacific railroad rolling milis. Havlng a natural love lor adventure, and desiring to write up the journey for some magazine or paper, 1 contemplatecl making a bicycle trip trom the l'acilic to the Atlantic. I went to tían Francisco, and there began to prepara for tho journey. 1 purchased :i Standard Colombia bicycle, and after becomlng a fairly good rider, I starteil bpon my tour. You know the rest." ¦'Om; question inore. You go mider the Ruspicea ot the Outtng magazioef "' "Yes; they pay the entilo expense of the journey. I shall wrile for thein a series o!' a dozen or more papers, which will be ilhistrated witli engravings made I rom sketches and photographs froni aloug the route. I shall probably ingpect placea and people that few wliitc men iiiiv.' cyir beheld, and conscquently my papen maat describe scènes and incicicnis ezoeedLngly novel and inteiesiing, a id peí haps of a nature which you newspaper mea would cali ' exclussive.' " Afler aasuring Mr. Stevens that he liad hi lio.-t wishes for a higlily tUOOOSSAll undertakiug, the reporter withdrew.


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