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Arbor Day Proclamation

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To the People of Mlchtgan : In compllance with a concurrent resolution passed by the Legislalure of the State of Michigan, approved Marcli 18. 1881, and roiteraled by the Legislature of 1885. requestiug the Governor "to cali the attention of the people of tho state to the lmportance of planting trees for ornnmeut, protectlon and shade, by nauiing a day upon whlch this work hall beglven especial prominente, lo be known and designated as 'Arbor l)ay.' " whlch custoni prevalĂ­a lu many of the states. Therefore, I, Russell A. Alger, Governor of the State of Michigan, do hereby desĂ­gnalo Saturday, the Eleventh day of April, A. D 1885, as Arbor Day, and earnestly reconinu'nd thaton tliat day we plant trees by the roadslde, by our farm-houses. In our flelds, parks, vlllages and cltles, aronnd our school-houses, and Tn the cemeterles where sleep our beloved dead. Let us plant for use as well as for beauty. We may uot live to enjoy the full frults of this work bul our chljldren and otitfl ot our labor. In testlmony whereof, I have caused the great seal of the state to be hereunto afflxed, at Lansing, this 25lh day of [L.S.] March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eihtflve. By the Governor,


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