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Therc was an unusually large vote at this spring electioii and the republicana gain again. In the first and sixth wards a republican alderman supplants a democrat, while in the fifth wurd one is lost. The demócrata retain the mayor and the republlcans the recorder and justice. So the common council will stun'J, republicans, 8; democrals, 0. The proliibition vote shows a falling off of over 100 per cent., benig less than half of last year's ligures. Then it had the balance of power and because it did not use it judiciously it has lost so mucli as to make it no longer an important factor ia politics. Many of their former supporters BOW see the deluEion of their "lost cause," and propose hereafter quietly to put their votes where they will count. Men in time learn that a quiet vote for the right is worth far more than many days of standing aronnd the Street corners like Pharisees, bonstiiisr of how holy they are, and liow thoy fight for principie. Actions gpeak louder than woids and we are all linding out that whom the gods would destroy they flrst get endorsed l;y the prohibitioDists. According to the latost returns the vote in tliis county will stand aboutas follows: Cooley 2,718, Morse 3,871. For regents: Dr.iper 2,832, McAIvay 2,Cir, Whltman 4,371), Field 8.M8. The widest expression of views Is usu:illy allowed In cominunicatlon?, but we do not hold ourself responsible for sentiments expressed.


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