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Editoii Courier:- Nearly every town lias its kickers. Tlicy are not popular. liet somc public matter ame whicli does not pleaae them, and they kick. Thej are not gTOWlen ; they are not COnBtantly objeetlng for ihe purpoie offlnding faalt Tbey nldora flnd faalt When they object to a ineasure tliey kick; and beelf, dirt and tlcbris fill the air In indescribable confusión. Everybody understands who thev are and what is Uie matter, and prepare to "stand lïoni nnder." Tliey nican bu.-iness, and tbc person or thing In the way is Hable to be Injured. Me who always have an ax to grind In public iflairs don't like thetn. Men who are ready to sell their principies for ollice dou't liankcr for their support. Men who are trylng to put oft' a little job on the coinmunity alwayi denounce them and endeavor to prejudice the public against tliein. Men who are elected to an office which bas no pay and tben brillas In a bilí for $400 er $500 for services wants Uie bill allowed before tlicy have an opportunity to hear of itMen who try to quietly get a bill passed by the legUlature to allow the council to place taxes for $7,000 additional on tlie city without their knowledge are constniined to submii to a vote of the city by their VlgorOH kicking. thelí persistent kicking men who had put up a water works job for the city were, just at the moment the Council appeareü ready to Klant them a franchise detritnental and injurious to tlie cily, oonatrained to apiiuuiicu tuit the conxTBCt wmen naa Dcea accepted bv the council and laidover only one week for adoptlon, was in fact no contract, and only a little side show for the people to look at and lorm an opinión whether tlicy would like a w hole circus on that plan wlicn the caravan Bbould arrive. Of oourte the Jobbers rannlDK the show objected to the kickers exliibition, hut wcre forced thcreby to abandon the inain part of tlie performance of putting into their pockets severa] basdfalli of the people'a inoney without their consent. Jobbers, tncksters, demagOfrneti pollÖcal charlatans, thievts, mouotebanke, and men who prefer to have their hands iu otber people's pockets rather than tlieir own, and by political knavery live at the lublic crib and on gOTernment pap, have no me f oi men who unhetitatiugly kick (liabonetty, hypocrisy. rascality, and political debauchery wherever they rind it These kickers are seldom loved, for their honeaty is of that perpendicular kind tbat turnt neltlier to the rlght iiand ortiic left, but the coinmunity eenerally entertain a wholesouie respect for them. They are the safety valve of tlie eommuuity. Cauticms, couservative, independent and fearless, they investigate carefully bi-fore action, but when resolved and declded, hesitate at no odds and are never detened by the inafruitude of the, oppoaition. Tliey never scek popularily, and never have it. If biifHed and Dealen, tlicy never surrender, but return to the fight reinfoiced "fresh and imiling." Tlie community is gencrally indebted lo them for many evils averted. Cities and tOWM that have f boled awaytbelr franchises or ate over liead and eais iu debt are destilulc cl tlicm.


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