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Editor Courier: lam out of all patience with " Croakers," and tlie present times seem to be prollfic of that class of persons. Croakers in state, croakers in ohurcb, croakers every where. Bot about the meancst class are tliose who want to decry every tbing in whicli tliey were not prominent. In reiding the blographical sketch af our late rcspected citizen, David Godfrey, 1 see that the vvriter, whoever lie was, copied frorn the history of WhsIitenawCounty. Now that writer was probably oneofthe numerou8 tribe of croakers who have abusedthat history ar.d its compilers, and the committee who had the work in charge without stint, who but for that history the W liter wou ld have had no material for the excellent sketch of oneof Ann Aibor's business men. So in rnany otlier cases. Notably that of the lainent' ed Dr. Cocker. The veiy best and almort the only sketch of his life was taken trom our history, and I say thefe, for the main fucto worc tnken trom l,i., „wu üps, and yet accordiiii; O these croakers the history abounds with falsehoods. If the history had not been written, very few of thefacts relating to Dr. Cocker's life would ever have been known to the world. L. D. [The writer of the article in reference to Mr. Godfrey does not belong to the list of croakers referred to. On the eontrury he believes the Countv Hlttnry, uide fiom its few inaccuracies, i valuable work ]- Ei.


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