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Council met In regular session, Tucsday eveuing. Tlie usual routine of business was gone through with. PKTITION Of J. 8. Shaw, O. L. Mathews, J. A. Byoraft mi lui) utilera afklnu lliat the fillh duiuped In a portion of the 3d ward be removed, uiut lurther nulsance of the same be abated. Ueferrcd to pólice coinmissioners. By Aldernian Lawrence : Resclved, That a commlttee, consistí ng of Measrx. üiscuck, Heluzmann, and Kinue, of council. aud V. Bacil, C. Eberbach, A. Felch and Prof. Ureen, be appolnted acommiltee to oonfer with Mesms. Goodtiue A Btruie, 111 relat Ion to details of contract In regard to water works for tue city. Carried. By Alderman Hetiderson. Resolvtd, That the thanks of the Couucll be extended to the Hon. Wm. D. Harrlmau. Iba out-golng mayor, for the able and imparUal manner In which he has presldcd over the deliberatlons of this body ; and that In reen; ultlon of his valnable services that tlie iucomlng recorder be dlrected to procure two f;old dollars, the salary of the mayor of the ast two years. and have the same appiopiiately inscribed. Carried. BEP0KT8 OF OFFICBRS. City Treasurer Watts made thu followreport for the inontb eudlng tlie 31st of March : KKCEIPTS. Balanceon hand $14,010 28 Delinquent tax $ 2 74 ' " " 5 59 " " " . 3 57 " " 63 50 Contingent fund 24 51 ' ' ¦ transfer 14 9 " " bal. liq. tax 495 00- 609 93 $15iO 21 DISUKKSED. Contingent fund $ 793 06 General fund... 27 38 lsl ward fund.._ 6 50 2d " " 64 65 3d " " 16 50 4lh " ' 2 Í5 5th " ' 18 50 General street fund 54 30 Klremen'sfu-don hand.. ... 14 99 Dog lax, on üanü n; w- Í 1,39181 Total _ $13,825 40 Recorder Durheim reported balances for the month ending May lst: Contingent fund on hand $ 5.64S 51 General " " 224 52 " street fund overdraft 225 69 lst ward fund. on haud. l,27i 21 2d " " " " 905 79 Sd " " " " 163 79 4th " " " " 5-tO 42 5th " " " " SöO 48 8tü " " overdraft 69 49 City craetery fuud, overdralt 27 14 Dok tax, on hand 100 00 Delinqunet tax fund, overdrafl 903 40 Water works tax, on hand 4.000 HO City Marshal Fall reported tlie distribution of the poor fund for the month of March : lst ward J 51 B7 2d " ... _ 18 00 Sd " 105 91 Un " 13 21 5th " 88 86 6th " 7 13 Total „ $110 SS After a canvas of the votes for the various offleers, and the declanition of the election of the successful ones by tho mayor, the council closed. The statement that $100,000 will be expended among the laboring men of this city proyiding the water works are put in this summer, is an erroneous one. It is merely a sort of buncombe. If the water works are put in there will be but a small portion of the money tbey cost expended here. All the pipec, and pumps and machinery will be brought frota the large eastern manufactories, all the works the same, and the same will be true of all the killed workmen. The only money wliich will inure to the benefit of Ann Arbor people in any way will bc the employment of the day laborers necded to dlg the ditches and haul the material. If there will be any more than this expended liere we thoulil like to have some one teil us what it will be for. We dou't like tospoil a pretty thing - on paper- but it is alwayg best to teil the truth and not exaggerate. If you want to deal with a strictly One Priced House, cali on the ïwo Sams. If you want a new suit from $5.00 to $25.00 cali un the Two Sams.


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