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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. This week we are prepared to show you our entire stock of Muslin Underwear for Ladies and We have attempted to make a display, although a feeble one on account of the limited space in our windowsWill'you favor us with your presence in order to examine closely the medium and lower grades, and see how we have bettered The richer garments you will linger over, naturally enough, their neatness, finish, elegance, perfection, will attract every lady. You will find them trimmed tastefully with Hamburgs. Torchons and Mediéis Lace, and your criticism we freely invoke, that we may learn thereby We have made better use than ever of our facilities to bring prices to a uuiformly lower price, but why say that, when you will so soon see it. Some people of kindly hoarte with whom sentiment is easier than rcasoning, fancy that working women are hardly dealt with in the production of To such, permit us to suggest two facts : Steam sewing machines make wonianVi work as much lighter as her pay is heavier than that of the " poor sewing womau." The masses of women toilcrs, In lien of using their necdlcs at night wlicn the day's labor invites repose, now can read aud mprove their minds, orgetsweetness out of life in recreation, because we can furnixh iiir ijannent so very near their coat to them of the material ut rctail. Taking the range of quality and cost, is not tliis production a blessing to the daughter of fickle fortune, those of luxury and those of toil ? Ordinarily, however, the low and 1111dium priced garments are of fliinsy over¦tarebed ïuuslin, and carelessly put toeether. If you examine our Underwear, you will be surprised at the fine sewing and the excellence of mateiials compared with that you find elsewhcre, at same prices. Night Dresses trom 85c to $5 00 Skirts, " 50c " 6 00 Drawers, " 75c " 2 50 Chemise, " 50c " 3 00 Corset Covers, " 50c " 2 00 Child"s Dresses, " f 1 00 " 6 00 I n fa nt'a Robes, " 100 " 6 00 We ask special attention to our Children's Dresses and Infaut's Robes. Muil Ruche for rouj;li wear, traveling, etc., 25 cents a box of six yards. Style is plain. Enormousquantitiesof it aresold. üur lowest prices heretofore has been 2 and 35 cents. We expect to supply the city. TourUft Muil lWclie. BACH & ABEL. Hall's Hair Renewer, cleanses, biightens, and inyigorates the hair, and restores faded or gray hair to its youthful color and lustre. People with gray hair prefer to use the Renewer, rather than proclaim to the world, throngh their bleached lock?, that they are bccoming aged, and passing on to decay.


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